Masterchef Gregg Wallace Weight Loss 2024: How Did The TV Star Lose Weight?

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The dramatic Masterchef Gregg Wallace weight loss stunned the fans as the TV star showed his ripped physique. With a whopping 4.5st weight loss in recent years, he looked much healthier and slimmer than ever to the audience.

Let us watch this 58-year-old TV presenter’s explanation to reveal his incredible weight loss.

Profile of Masterchef Gregg Wallace

Popular asGregg Allan Wallace
Birth Date17 October 1964
Birth PlacePeckham, London United Kingdom
Popular shows“Saturday Kitchen” “Time Commanders”
ParentsMary Pettman
CollegeEmerson College, Boston
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAnne-Marie Sterpini
ChildrenLibby Wallace, Tom Wallace
Net worth$1 Million – $5 Million
Zodiac signLibra.

How much is paid for Gregg Wallace?

  • Gregg Wallace is the best-known TV personality in Britain.
  • His role as MasterChef, along with his long-time friend John Torode is something special to be noted.
  • Gregg Wallace has been in the career of a MasterChef gig right from 2005.
  • He is also on MasterChef: The Professionals and Celebrity MasterChef.
  • Also, he co-presented Veg Talk on BBC Radio 4 together with Charlie Hicks. He did for seven years. 
  • As per the Personally Speaking Bureau, he had earned a turnover of £7.5 million at its peak.
  • Gregg hosts numerous food-related TV programs. This includes Inside the Factory on Wednesday nights on BBC Two.
  • Celeb Worth indicates that Gregg has a net worth that staggers £3.5 million.
  • The BBC salary figures say that he was paid £250,000 in 2016; this is for his MasterChef work.

Masterchef Gregg Wallace Weight Loss Secret

As MasterChef tipped the scale at 16st 7lb and admitted to being overweight, he realized that that was the time that he had to make changes.

In the latest TV show, he appeared and revealed that this amazing weight loss transformation is not due to a fad diet or short-term thinking. Rather, the strong thing that stood behind it was consistently doing simple things.

He said that he had been given a warning for a heart attack. In fact, he watched himself growing ‘bigger and bigger.’

Gregg’s weight-loss journey started some four years ago when he reached a larger size of 17th. It was a photo of Gregg with co-host John Torode that made him take immediate action.

The simple Masterchef Gregg Wallace weight loss plan

Without any strict diet, Gregg lost significant weight, and he is now slimmer and healthier. Now MasterChef has nuggets of advice and guidance for those who are seeking help in their weight loss journey.

Though he has an impressive weight loss transformation, yet, he said that it’s not an easy ride for him to achieve the weight loss goals. It was due to hard work, and to be honest, he revealed that he didn’t love that. 

The recent few series apparently showed that Gregg had undergone an incredible weight loss transformation. The excellent results from his hard journey are due to a healthy and balanced diet, and he maintained a regular exercise routine.

Finally, he lost an inspiring four-and-a-half stone. Despite this impressive loss in weight, the host tells his followers not to go on a diet.

He advises them not to be on something that sounds really tough to maintain. He continues that if they find it difficult or uncomfortable, don’t keep it like that.

He revealed the secret behind the 30kg weight loss lies in a ‘key,’ which is maintaining a healthy weight that resulted from eating ‘three healthy meals a day.’

Gregg Wallace has a message for his viewers to accomplish their weight loss goals. It is necessary to reduce snacking as well as to reduce the takeaways. In addition, meal planning should help to eat healthily.

Before and After the Weight Loss Journey

Masterchef Gregg Wallace Weight Loss

With continual exercise and adopting eating habits healthily during the Covid lockdown, Gregg maintained his weight loss. He has recorded a weight of just under 12 stone.

He posted the pictures on Instagram with the message that now he is under 12 stone, and as he was at home 24/7, the good choices were made easier.

He proudly displays his six-pack, and he is sure that it will inspire others.

What diet did Gregg Wallace use?

The four-and-a-half stone weight loss of MasterChef was because of a healthy and balanced diet. Initially, the TV star made many attempts and tried to stick to different restrictive diets.

This includes fasting, no carbs, and low fat. But he felt very hungry, uncomfortable, and miserable all the time.

Then he made his approach to simple, healthy, and balanced home-cooked meals. He made sure to exclude alcohol, snacks, and takeaways from his diet. And he sticks to 3 large, filling, healthy, and balanced meals daily.

How much does Gregg Wallace weigh?

At his heaviest, Gregg Wallace weighed around 16 and a half stone. With a height measurement of 5ft 8in, he weighed 16st 7lb.

He felt he was overweight, and he was not happy about that. Thanks to a diet plan that had the combination of cutting down fatty and sugary foods and making his taste buds relish healthier meals, he lost a tremendous 4.5 stone weight loss.

How many wives has Gregg Wallace had?

MasterChef star Gregg Wallace had been married four times. However, he finally found the one, his wife, Anne-Marie. He has been with her since their meeting in 2013. 

After six weeks of marriage, in 1991, his first wife Christine left Gregg. In 2004, they separated.

In 1999, his second marriage of Wallace was to former pastry chef Denice.

He met his third wife, Heidi, in 2009, and they got married in 2010.


Revealing the achievements of the remarkable Masterchef Gregg Wallace weight loss journey on Instagram, the star said that it is for his 16-year-old son. He suggests the followers stick to a big breakfast and stay full throughout the morning.

Now the popular host motivates other weight-losing people to be fit through his newly launched wellness platform and fitness plan named ‘the ShowMe.Fit website’.

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