Ariana Grande Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Surgery, Before & After Photos

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Ariana Grande Weight Loss – How She Stays In Shape : If you have known Ariana Grande since her Nickelodeon days, you should probably have noticed that from then to now, she always has a thin figure. It is very obvious that this busy scheduled pop sensation girl finds tough times to spend at the gym or a healthy diet.

However, how does this Ariana Grande weight loss happen?

Bio of Ariana Grande

Full NameAriana Grande-Butera
Called asAriana Grande
Birth Date26 June 1993
Birth PlaceBoca Raton, Florida, United States
ParentsEdward Butera and Boca Raton
SchoolPine Crest School &  North Broward Preparatory School,
QualificationHigh school
HusbandDalton Gomez
ProfessionSinger, businesswoman, actress and songwriter
Net worth$150-200 Million
Zodiac signLeo
Weight58 kg (127 lbs)
Height5’ feet3” inches
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande husband

2020 Ariana Grande was a little different from the rest of the world. In fact, she has been having lovely days with Dalton Gomez, her now-husband. For those who don’t know about them, they married in May 2021. Right from the meeting with Dalton Gomez, who is a real estate agent, it can be said that Ariana Grande seems to have a real-life fairytale.

Indeed, the couple had their relationship during the period of starting quarantine. And later in May 2021, they got married. Yes, now she has become an officially married woman. The representative of Ariana shared with people that their room was filled with love and happiness.

Who is this Dalton Gomez?

He is a licensed luxury real estate agent and he has been involved in trading multi-million dollar homes in the place of LA area. He has been in this business for more than 5 years and he is quite popular for working with some architecture clients.

As per the first report of TMZ, the link between Gomez to the popular singer Ariana goes back to March 2020. It is the time that these were reportedly spotted in a state of kissing at a bar. However, the pair remained mum and did not share anything about their bonding.

Ariana Grande weight loss – Sharing her snaps before and after

Popular after Victorious, a Nickelodeon show streamed in 2009, this singer looks awesome after the weight loss. See her images and compare.

Ariana Grande weight loss – know the story from vegan to weight loss transformation

Ariana Grande diet

As it was very well, there was unconditional support for the singer from her fans. However, when there were sudden changes in her weight and she lost a considerable amount of weight, there started some rumors. It said that she has issues with an eating disorder.

However, this came to an end with the official statement of Ariana Grande. From her words, it came to be known that she loved eating junk foods. But she made drastic changes in her eating habit and also she included exercising and hence the changes happened.

Vegan diet

She replaced her existing meal plans with veganism. She used to bite almonds and cashews if she felt hungry. Of course, they are healthy snacks and helped her in making her energized. Her diet didn’t contain Italian cuisines.

However, she took Japanese foods such as daikon beans and lotus. She adopted a macrobiotic diet. This emphasis focuses on nutrient-dense. And it included whole grains such as brown rice, millet, oats, and barley. Fresh vegetables, miso, and sea vegetables, also have their place in her vegan diet.

Although it was not surprising to see her with a thin appearance, still the concern of her fans was whether she had been affected by an eating disorder. But, it is just a rumor. It is the vegan diet and workout routine that helped Ariana to lose 25 pounds.

In fact, she followed an overall healthy diet, but with the help of Harley Pasternak (her trainer), Ariana moved to a more balanced diet.

Exercise Routine

Harley, who is her trainer made sure that Ariana stays active however busy the singer is. She had given Ariana a step goal and allowed her to do it in her own way. She can do whatever she wants including running, walking, or can also dance. These target steps helped the singer to stay in shape.

Despite the fact that her daily routine is so busy it never allows staying in the gym, she still did pilates exercises and took efforts to strengthen her lower body.

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