Bailey Sarian Weight Loss Journey: Diet, Workout, Before and After Photos (2024)

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Bailey Sarian Weight Loss: Bailey Sarian is a popular youtuber. Besides she has been quite known for huge subscribers of more than 5 million, she is also known for her makeup videos. She is widely recognized as a successful youtuber. However things were not smooth later. When she returned after a short break on her youtube channel, she was very emotional. Moreover, she had a thinner appearance. So, what happened with Bailey Sarian weight loss?

Bio of Bailey Sarian

Birth NameBailey Sarian
Nick nameBailey
Birth Date26 November 1988
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
Height5 feet 8 inches
Zodiac SignSagittarius
ProfessionInstagram star, Makeup artist, and YouTuber
Net worth$1.5 million
Married ToFernando Valdez
SchoolPaloma Valley High School

What has happened to Bailey Sarian?

When Bailey Sarian was posting less on her social media, her fans were worried about what had happened to her. Finally, Bailey came out from her silence and shared to her audience on January 21, 2022 that she will soon come back with a life update. She posted her message both on her twitter and instagram profiles. On January 24, 2022, she came with shocking news to her fans and followers that she and Fernando Valdez, her partner, had separated.

Here, let us look into the life of them in early stages.

The longtime partner of Bailey Sarian, Fernando Valdez is known both as a graffiti artist and a tattoo artist. In addition, he is also known for his significant figure of more than 116K followers. The meeting of Bailey Sarian happened when she came to Fernando for her first tattoo. Both turned from friends into lovers in the year 2013 and in 2016, they got engaged.

After Bailey had announced about their separation, she added the explanation to her people that they had split mutually due to some personal reasons. Furthermore, she too said that she still holds positive feelings towards Fernando.

Shocking Bailey Sarian weight loss – Her looks before and after

After a short break and reappeared on her youtube channel, Bailey shared a heartbreaking story to her fans. In fact, she was overwhelmed with emotions and looked lean. As she looked very thin, her fans wondered whether she had gone through any weight loss procedures.

Bailey Sarian’s career

The career life of Bailey Sarian commenced on Youtube. It was the year January 2013 on 23rd January, she launched her channel. Her first video was uploaded in the year 2013, 13th September. She used to upload makeup tutorials & vlogs also sometimes. Still she had hardly any views from people and couldn’t get followers. In January 2019., after her series of “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup”, her channel started to see great growth. She uploaded nearly 90 episodes. Gradually she could get 315 million channel views and 4 million subscribers.

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If you look at her social media presence, with her twitter account opened in 2015, till now she has earned more than 141.3K followers. In her Instagram account she has gathered more than 1.6 million followers.

What went on in Bailey Sarian weight loss?

When speaking about the weight loss journey of Bailey Sarian, it hadn’t happened purposely. In the panic situation when covid 19 was spreading fast, she failed to give the necessary focus on her health. Moreover, the stress made her put on more weight. But nevertheless in 2021, she lost weight and she also lives a happy and healthy life.

Apart from doing regular workouts, she also paid attention to the diet plan. She strictly limited the intake of calories amounting to 1500. In this way, she managed her weight.

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