Best Weight Loss Clinic in Decatur, AL 2024

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Best Weight Loss Clinic in Decatur: If you are one who has been struggling with obesity and has not been able to significantly lose weight, you are not alone. Considering an effective and life-changing weight loss program can be the right choice for you.

Whether it is making the right changes to dietary and exercise or looking for a non-surgical way to shed pounds, weight loss clinic in decatur al is the probable solution for you.

Yet, if you are confused among the choices available, this blog can help you. We have listed some of the finest options in the city. Just go through.


1. Gill Family Medicine

About The Centre

Being overweight can be due to many reasons such as lifestyle, genetics, slow metabolism, and hormone dysfunction. Since it is a serious problem, it should be treated medically, and here is where the clinic’s rapid weight loss program comes in. The comprehensive weight loss program at the center is designed to support losing weight, controlling appetite, and becoming healthier and happier.

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Reasons behind the success of the program

  • Designed & administered by healthcare professionals
  • Initiates with a detailed medical evaluation and lab tests
  • Assessment for any potential health issues
  • Evaluating overall wellness
  • Understanding the real causes of weight gain
  • Knowledge of how to burn fat through eating and preserve muscle
  • Helps in choosing a meal planner
  • Tips & tricks to maintain long-term success

Other services offered by the center

  • Primary care
  • Heart Testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Women’s Health
  • X-rays
  • Pulmonary
  • Hormone replacements
  • Wellness and prevention
  • Lab testing

The medical weight loss programs are individually designed and are highly effective enabling patients to reach weight goals.


Address2422 Danville Rd SW Suite E Decatur, AL 35603
Phone number256-355-9040

2. Decatur Internal Medicine

About The Centre

Losing weight and gaining the desired results can be challenging. However, it is no more a tough journey as the unique weight loss plan centered on individuals’ goals is with you. The custom-made exercise, nutrition, and dedicated plans can help patients to:

  • Attain the weight goals safely & effectively
  • Improves overall health and wellness
  • Increases the self-confidence

About the treatments offered:

  • Patients belong to all sizes and so are their options to choose the way to stay fit
  • You can choose what can work for you
  • Fully customizable treatment programs

Highlights of the center:

  • MDVIP – ‘Membership Medicine’ is offered by the center where you can have a number of visits to the medical facility with a flat monthly fee.
  • Regular checkups, lab work, blood pressure screenings, disease screenings, medication management, and more are covered under the scheme.
  • Can communication directly with Dr. Jackson
  • Quick prescription updates
  • Constant care and dedicated support


Address2506 Danville Rd SW # 101, Decatur, AL 35603, United States
Phone number(256) 350-6363

3. PrecisionMD Wellness and Weight Loss

About The Centre

The center adopts a scientifically proven weight loss that truly works. For anyone who is tired of the challenges of losing weight, diet, and workout plans, the comprehensive approach at PrecisionMD can help them. Specifically tailored based on unique needs, the weight plans at the center focus on identifying and treating the underlying hormonal and metabolic issues that probably hide the path to success.

How Does It Work Here?

  • Embraces cutting-edge weight loss medications 
  • Regulates hunger and energy expenditure
  • Collaborates with you to create a healthy lifestyle
  •  Ensures maintaining the weight loss results
  • Continued support for a long-term

The proven approach of the center to weight loss

  1. Metabolic & Hormone Testing – Identification and treatment of underlying metabolic or hormonal issues
  2. Prescription Medications – Powerful weight loss medications that include semaglutide and tirzepatide
  3. Health & nutrition – Works on creating a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan.
  4. Ongoing Support – Continued support even after reaching the goals for maintaining the progress

Some points to be noted down:

  • The clinic doesn’t allow insurance for weight loss programs. However, most labs and prescription medications expenses can be covered under the insurance
  • Offers a 30-minute free consultation
  • The initial start-up fee is $149 and $99 for each follow-up appointment
  • Telemedicine services are offered to patients in Alabama
  • FDA-approved weight loss medications


Address1241 Point Mallard Pkwy, SE Decatur, AL 35601
Phone number256-286-2289

4. Parker Medical Weight Loss

About The Centre

Similar to high cholesterol or blood pressure, obesity is a chronic disease. This can become the cause of as high as 236 medical problems including 13 kinds of cancer and can shorten your lifespan. Hence it demands an appropriate approach to treating excess weight.

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Parker Medical Weight Loss and Metabolic Health is a renowned private medical clinic that has a vast network of patients from across the South. The highest level of esteem and respect is assured at the center with a group of nurse practitioners, administrators, nurses, medical assistants, and educators. The center can help in shedding light and provide answers for the problems associated with excess weight and also aids in treating weight-related medical conditions.

Conditions treated at the center:

  • Obesity
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Type 2 DM
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Low Testosterone
  • Disordered Eating/Binge Eating Disorder
  • NAFLD/NASH/Fatty Liver Disease
  • Cardiovascular Disease

Services offered:

  • Dexa/DXA body composition
  • BIOIMPEDANCE body composition (with BCS elite)
  • In-house lab
  • Medtronic insulin pump management
  • Pre-op and post-op bariatric surgery management
  • Nuclear stress testing and echocardiography
  • In house ultrasound


AddressAvalon Medical Group 2nd Floor, 2410 East Avalon Ave Muscle Shoals, AL 35661.
Phone number256-386-0808

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There can be several personal reasons to lose weight. It can be to attain a perfect figure or just to improve your overall health. Whatever it be, all it needs is a right weight loss clinic decatur al to give the relevant support. If you have decided to undergo a weight loss program, getting guidance from the best center becomes essential. Go through the above list of top clinics for weight loss and make the choice.

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