Best Weight Loss Clinic in Temecula, CA 2024

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In most cases, losing excess weight by yourself can be difficult. Here comes the best support of the weight loss clinic in Temecula. Getting started on your weight journey with the best weight loss clinic means you are on the right track. Losing weight needs commitment and a well-thought plan. This purpose can be served only by a weight loss clinic.

Deciding on selection can be a big step. Do it with our help. Read ahead to this blog to know some of the established centers for losing weight in Temecula.


1. Tri Valley Medical Weight Control

About The Centre

At Tri Valley Medical Weight Control, the weight loss program is just customized for the patients. They offer individualized programs for all genders including men, women, and children to lose and sustain weight. Tailor-made supervised weekly and bi-weekly programs are provided by the center that will suit individual goals.

Affordable, easy, and sustainable weight loss solutions are provided by the clinic. There are special programs that enable you to achieve weight loss goals.

Special Packages:

  • VIP Package $89 ($120 Value)
  • Premier Package $199 ($360 Value)
  • Mega 12 Package $399 ($720 Value)
  • Ultimate 4-Package $549 ($840 Value)

Why Choose The Clinic?

  • Satisfied and happy clients in Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Diego
  • Customized programs for women, men, & children
  • 30 years of experience
  • Licensed medical staff
  • Highly trained licensed medical providers

Highlights Of The Centre

  • Most Reviewed & Best Rated Weight Loss Clinic
  • No start-up fee or contracts
  • Weekly/Monthly supervised visits
  • Free consultation with a renowned MD or Nurse Practitioner


Address39525 Los Alamos Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563, United States
Contact Number951-447-8538

2. Temecula Medical Group

About The Centre

Losing weight is no more a daunting task, it is made a straightforward process at Temecula Medical Group with the right kind of support and help. Here the established guidance is offered by:

  • Richard Rawson
  • DO
  • Ryan D Rowan
  • PA-C
  • Armanda L Alvarez
  •  FNP-C

How does it work here?

 A comprehensive approach is embraced by the team at Temecula Medical Group which covers specific resources, and strategies, as well as support that are needed in losing weight effectively and sustaining it as possible.

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The center emphasizes proven strategies which help in overcoming the habits that hinder the way to weight loss. It also helps in cultivating healthy lifestyles for accomplishing weight loss goals.

Possible risks of being overweight

The clinic recommends people with obesity lose at least 5-10% of their total body weight to avoid some of the risks that include:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Breast or liver cancer


Address 44054 Margarita Road, Suite 1,  Temecula,  CA 92592
Contact Number951-302-2526

3. Lindora Weight Loss + Wellness

About The Centre

Commenced in 2002, Lindora weight loss and Wellness has been involved in aiding their support to patients to lose weight. With its medically based and supervised ketogenic weight loss programs, the clinic helps people in achieving their weight loss goals. Every weight loss program at the center is completely customized so that it meets every unique need.

How Does It Work Here?

  1. Begins with a personalized assessment
  2. Accompanies a comprehensive lab work
  3. Assessing unique challenges and needs
  4. Find out the plan to break down the barriers to weight loss

Keto – Know its Power

It is a trusted, safe, and effective weight loss program. Undergoing this diet helps the patient to get into a natural metabolic state of ketosis. In this, the stored fat is burned for fuel, not as glucose.

The clinic provides the patients with a ketogenic weight loss as well as an eating plan for a successful transition into Ketosis. It also aids in selecting the right foods for obtaining all the right nutrients. The patients can be confident that they undergo a program that has strong science roots and is administered by medical professionals.

Personalized weight loss programs offered at the center include:

  • A broad blood work, biomarkers & medical exam
  • Personalized meal planning
  • Assessment of physiological and psychological factors
  • Customized fitness programs
  • B6, B12, and Lipotropic wellness shots
  • Products and supplements at discounted price


Address31170, Temecula Pkwy Suite 103, Temecula CA 92592, United States
Contact Number18005463672

4. MD Diet Of Temecula

About The Centre

If you are feeling tough managing the weight, the clinic well understands that and is with you to help with that. Weight loss programs are offered for both men and women. The clinic also offers weekly, monthly, and new patient specials.

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Medical Weight Loss Program in MD Diet Of Temecula

You can lose weight safely with the help of the center with the proper guidance of a physician. The programs offered are very sensitive to the individual needs. Doctors will work along with patients to develop a prescribed plan which will ensure to witness what actually happens. The physicians at the center offer the latest proven medical weight loss options that are safe and medically proven.

Medical weight loss program includes:

  1. Oral Appetite Suppressants – Along with diet and exercise, proper medications are included to yield the best weight loss results
  2. Fat Burner and Vitamin Injections – An array of fat-metabolizing and vitamin injections are provided

How Does It Work Here?

The following factors are considered to find out the right weight loss program for you:

  • personal goals
  • medical history
  • nutritional habits
  • metabolism

Based on the above, an individualized program will be developed to give you the results you expect.


Address41789 Nicole Lane, Suite B3 Temecula, CA 92591
Contact Number9516993796

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Keep in mind every person is different and so are their weight loss plans. Since what can work for an individual may not work for someone else, it demands the support of the right weight loss clinic Temecula to stick and achieve your weight loss goals. Explore the options of the clinic given here. Look at their price, and best points and choose the one that you find optimal.

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