Chaz Bono Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Surgery, Before and After Photos

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Chaz Bono Weight Loss: It is the probable time to recall the Chaz bono weight loss transformation that happened in 2013. Before he revealed his new look to the world, he was seriously overweight.

However, how did he reduce that? After the doctors warned him, that Chaz was at risk due to being overweight for a number of health conditions, Bono was ready to take up the challenge and reduced significant pounds.

A Short Bio of Chaz Bono

NameChaz Bono
Birth DateMarch 4, 1969
Birth PlaceLos Angeles in California, United States
NicknameJessy Bono
Height5′ 6″ (1.68 m)
Famous AsActor and Writer
AncestryItalian Americans
Known For2009 film Precious
ParentsSonny Bono and Cher
SiblingsElijah Blue Allman, Sean Bono, Chesare Elan Bono, Chianna Maria Bono and Christine Bono.    

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Chaz Bono Weight Loss before and after

Gender transitioning was not only the change that Bono underwent in the last decade. He also faced the struggle of fluctuating weight. He fought against the battle of being overweight with his joining in the VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. By September 2013, he could achieve the success of a 70-pound weight loss.

When Chaz Bono lose his weight?

The weight loss journey of Chaz Bono started in November 2012. In the preceding year, in May month, he had already dropped some 60 pounds. And he declared immediately that diets didn’t work there. Hence he has gone through many of the body transformations in his life.

The probabilities that Bono lost the pounds were amassed against him. However, he could finally put an end to yo-yo dieting and come to success. At this moment, after successful eight years of celebrating Chaz Bono Weight Loss, he seems to have kept up his physique.

Weight loss journey of Chaz Bono – Surgery, Diet and Workout

When Bono was 13, his journey of transition from female to male has started. He was in New York and misidentified his gender identity for sexuality. He found himself attracted to women. Also he had relationships with women. Though he didn’t reveal anything publicly till 1995, tabloids stated him as a lesbian by 1987.

Coping up with the feeling of born in the wrong body, it reflected on the physical form of on Chaz Bono. Before he got into the transitioning process, he was involved in playing too many video games, had a drug addiction, became drunk, and smoked. In addition, he struggled with fluctuating weight.

After he had properly transitioned from female to male, Bono took the weight loss journey into his own hands.

  • He started the journey with 250 pounds at 5 ft 1.5 inches
  • Dr. Travis Stork recommended him to have a weight loss around between 50 and 80 pounds for a healthier weight.
  • He ended up the journey by losing a total of 60 pounds.

However, how did he accomplish the success?

  • Chaz enjoyed Dancing with the Stars. He was involved in dancing to sweat away the pounds.
  • Chaz allowed his routine to have both martial arts and kickboxing. Cardio kickboxing helps in burning lots of calories: even burn 350 and 450 calories per hour.
  • After coming to the conclusion that diets don’t work, Chaz continued with strict diets, but he changed the way he eats. Instead of taking grains and starches, he made the move to vegetables, fruits, and meats.
  • Bono adopted a Freshology meal-plan. This allowed him to achieve the goal of losing 50 pounds.

Though Chaz Bono finally was able to hit the target in November 2012, still he endures a long struggle with the issues of obesity and weight. In 2012, he tilted the scales at 250 pounds. Although the goal was originally set to drop 50 pounds, he changed it to 80 pounds. He had a lot of confidence and this made his journey a great success.

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