Chrissy Metz Weight Loss 2024 : Diet + Surgery + Before & After Photos

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Chrissy Metz Weight Loss: After knowing about Chrissy Metz weight loss journey, it is sure that her transformation will stand as a journey of positivity and a healthy process.

In fact, when it comes to losing weight, Chrissy Metz was fully open. This celebrity who is best known for her iconic role in “This Is Us, the NBC show, had shed almost 100 pounds. Let us see what she had done for this.

Bio of Chrissy Metz

Full nameChristine Michelle Metz
Nick nameChrissy Metz
Birth DateSeptember 29, 1980
Birth PlaceHomestead, Florida, United States
ParentsMark Metz and Denise Hodge
SiblingsPhilip Metz (brother) and Monica Metz (Sister)
Half SisterMorgana
Marital StatusDivorced
HusbandMartyn Eaden (married in 2008
– divorced in 2015)
ProfessionActress and singer
Net worth$8 million as of 2022
Zodiac signLibra
Weight182 Kg
Height5 feet 5 inches

How much weight has been lost by Chrissy Metz?

The famous actress who played “Kate Pearson” in This Is Us had grabbed the attention of people with her drastic weight loss. She has lost almost 100 pounds in a very short duration of 5 months.

Chrissy Metz

It is true that struggling with overweight issues not only belongs to general people, but to celebrities as well. In this way, the weight loss story of Chrissy Metz also became highlighted when she lost the weight.

This mind blowing actress is widely known for her roles in This Is Us, American Horror Story and more. Also, she has been recognized for her performances with Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award.

Why does Chrissy Metz weigh more?

Similar to her onscreen presence, the actress was very intimate with her fans and hence she revealed to them about all those struggles faced with her overweight issues. From an early age, she had been suffering from obesity. From her statement made in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said that she had been born as chubby.

However, with time gone, as she grew, she was very active in playing sports and looked thin. Still, she always remained a chubbier girl. Though her friends used to take whatever they wanted, even as a child Chrissy was very conscious of things that may make her gain weight.

What was the inspiration for Chrissy Metz weight loss journey?

Before she entered the show – This is Us, Chrissy Metz made a role in American Horror Story: Freak Show. In fact, it was a recurring role that demanded her to wear a fat suit. The acting just happened by chance. And she was a preschool teacher before this.

She worked as an agent and was scheduling auditions for actresses. However, she felt that it was not the career that meant for her. She became depressed and had a panic attack on her 30th birthday. This incident made her take care of her health and finally made her lose weight.

Chrissy Metz weight loss – Before and after images in the transformation

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss before and after photo

Look at the actress after losing 100 pounds from her weight.

Diet plan and workout routine in the journey

After the incident of health issues, Chrissy started to be responsible for her health. She ensured that her meal didn’t include any unhealthy foods. Instead, she preferred a 2000-calorie diet. It is clear that when you eat more calories, you will gain more weight.

She revealed to people that she has been in an effort to lose weight and she wanted to have a fit and healthy body.

In addition to the 2000-calorie diet, she also embraced a 20 min walk a day. A simple walk started her weight loss journey. Since she was very strict in losing weight and made changes in her diet and workout routine, she lost 100 pounds in the duration of 5 months.

Of course, she didn’t want to continue as an agent scheduling for other actresses. Rather, she aspired to become an actress and this needs her to lose weight. Thanks to the low-carb diet and 20 min walk, she could lose weight.

She didn’t undergo any fad diet or crash meal plan. But the real success of her weight loss journey happened to moderation and movement in her lifestyle.

Also, she worked to improve her mental health. She has clearly revealed to the people that whether to lose weight or not, the decision is purely of her.

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