Ella Bleu Travolta Weight Loss Journey 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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Ella Bleu Travolta Weight Loss: The star kid, Ella Bleu Travolta, daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, a legendary couple, was suffering with her weight growth.

Despite the fact that she had a lot of privileges, Ella also underwent many hardships. Though she has been in the limelight, she had a depressing childhood. All it ends with Ella Bleu Travolta weight loss journey.

Profile of Ella Bleu Travolta

Known asElla Bleu Travolta
Nick nameElla
Birth onApril 3, 2000
Age23 (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
BrotherJett Travolta, Benjamin Travolta
ParentsFather – John Travolta Mother – Kelly Preston
Marital StatusSingle
Best known forOld Dogs (2009) The Poison Rose (2019) Entertainment Tonight (1981)
Zodiac signAries
Net worthUSD $3 million (approximately)
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Weight59 kg (130 lbs)

Who Is Ella Bleu Travolta?

  • Ella Bleu Travolta is a quite popular American actress.
  • She is the daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who are Hollywood giants.
  • Ella is quite known for her appearances in movies including Old Dogs and The Poison Rose.
  • Just similar to the footsteps of her father, she is playing the lead role in Get Lost. This is the latest retelling of the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland.
  • Since she is from a popular background, she has a red carpet-appearance.
  • The accidental death of Ella’s elder brother Jett put her into a tragic young life.
  • Her brother was suffering from Kawasaki disease. Jett tragically passed away on January 2, 2009.
  • Ella also had an episode of ‘Made In Hollywood’, which was released on November 21, 2009.
  • Besides her acting profession, she is also an aspiring singer. Ella recently announced her music career to her enthusiastic fans.
  • The new track by Ella Bleu Travolta – Dizzy, has been released in 2022.

Ella Bleu Travolta Weight Loss Transformation

ella bleu travolta family

Ella is rich and popular. However, she suffered from a depressive childhood. Because of the profession of her parents, she happened to move from one city to another. This made her gain weight. Though she has been enjoying a luxurious life, still she felt alone and isolated in school due to her physique.

Although Ella was content with her weighty appearance, she still wants to lead a healthy life. This made her think about Ella Bleu Travolta weight loss journey. When weight loss transformation comes to mind, Ella chose to shed the pounds in a healthy way, rather than choosing surgery.

The core intention behind her weight loss efforts is not to become slim, but to have a healthy life. Besides the sadness of her weight, she also has been filled with the tragedy that her older brother Jett Travolta died due to a seizure attack that happened after facing an accident in the bathtub.

Diet Plan of Ella Bleu Travolta

It is very clear that a healthy diet chart has an important part of every weight loss journey. The same is evident in Ella’s weight loss transformation. She has claimed that she had never starved or left out any meals in order to lose weight. However, she was strict about embracing healthier diet practices.

Instead of missing out on the meals, Ella made sure to have healthy alternatives in her food. She included major portions of fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, and lean types of meat in her diet plan.

Moreover, she also took the support of a nutritionist to have the right advice on consuming foods. Throughout the weight loss journey, Ella Bleu Travolta had the complete support of family and friends.

For fulfilling the nutritional deficiencies, she took weight loss supplements as well.

Workout Routine of Ella Bleu Travolta

  • Besides focusing on a healthy diet, Ella also put constant efforts into physical activities. She understood that there needs to be a great emphasis on physical fitness. So, Ella was very consistent in following the workout sessions.
  • Apart from workouts, she also took an active part in horse riding, swimming, and similar kinds of sports activities. All these helped Ella to shed significant numbers of pounds from the weight.

Before and After the Weight Loss Photos

ella bleu travolta weight loss before and after photos

If you look at Ella in her teenage years, she was chubby, and weighed excessively for her weight. But after weight loss, she became slim and gained a fit body.

How old is Ella Travolta now?

Born on April 3rd, 2000, Ella Travolta is 23 years old as of 2023.

What does John Travolta’s daughter do?

Ella Bleu Travolta, the daughter of John Travolta is just following in the steps of her parents, and now she is an actress.

In an exclusive interview with Parade.com, Ella revealed that she took inspiration from the iconic campaign of her mom. Ella acts in the role of Alicia/Alice in the movie, Get Lost. She also mentioned that she always loved arts including acting, singing, and dancing, in fact, she grew up around that.

What part does Ella Bleu play in The Poison Rose?

After her first and small role in Old Dogs in 2009, Ella marked her second appearance in The Poison Rose in 2019. She played the major role of Rebecca ‘Becky’ Hunt in that movie.

In this movie, Ella starred along with her father John Travolta, Famke Janssen, and Morgan Freeman. This is the film done by Ella 10 years after her debut film.


At 5 feet 10 inches in height, Ella had a chubby figure. Due to this, she drew criticism in her teenage years. Though she never worried about her weight, still adopted a healthy lifestyle, and followed a strict workout regimen.  Thus, there were amazing results from Ella Bleu Travolta weight loss journey.

If you compare her previous images, her recent posts of her will reveal that half of her weight has flown away. Now Ella is healthier than ever. All these were possible thanks to her dedication, hard work, and consistency in following her diet and fitness schedule.

The weight loss transformation of Ella teaches us that for those who face struggles from bullies and trolls due to heaviness in weight; it is possible to correct their shape. All it needed to be motivated towards weight loss goals and progress.

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