Frank Fritz Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Surgery, Before & After Photos

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American Pickers Frank Fritz Weight Loss – Truth About The Journey : After 65-lb weight loss, it is really unrecognizable to look at American Pickers’ Frank Fritz.

This famous television personality’s latest images showed us that he had lost about 65 pounds. It was in March 2020, that the people saw the star in American Pickers on History Channel. Then it was almost a year that people couldn’t see the man.

In fact, it was a sudden disappearance. Is he sick? What really happened in Frank Fritz weight loss?

Frank Fritz’s Biography

Full NameFrank Fritz
Birth Date11 October 1965
Birth PlaceDavenport, Iowa, United States
ParentsBill Fritz and Susan Zirbes
SiblingsNot available
Marital statusNot married
Girl friendDiane
ProfessionActor and reality TV star
Net worthUS$4 million
Zodiac signLibra
Weight71 kg
Height1.65 m
Hair colorDark brown and silver

What happened to him on American Pickers?

Frank Fritz Weight Loss

“American Pickers” is a popular reality television series. For more than a decade, the series has had its constant presence on the programming schedule of History. Right from its premiere in the year 2010 (in January month), the series has crossed so many aspects.

Now the show with its 21 seasons has seen many including enthusiasts and history buffs. Now the notable news is Frank Fritz, is no more present on the show of the History channel.

It was July 21, 2021; Mike who is his co-star of Frank gave a confirmation statement that Frank is not going to make his presence on the show.

Moreover, the mystery continues as Frank disappeared after an episode in March 2020. After that, no one could notice Frank.

However, there is no strong information behind the disappearance of the star. There is little information that justified his non-returning to the show. The major is the Covid-19. As most suffered from this novel virus, Frank is also the one who had some serious medical condition.

There is another reason mentioned that Fritz underwent some back surgery, however, the reason is undisclosed.

Frank Fritz weight loss – Images of him before and after the transformation

Frank Fritz Weight Loss before and after

When you have seen his heavier figure on the show, his thin appearance will shock you. Compare his images below.

Illness of Frank Fritz

In an interview, Frank Fritz shared his struggles with his diagnosis of a chronic illness Crohn’s disease. He shared the same on his Facebook in February 2013. In fact, this issue has been in his life and made him suffer for more than three decades.

Frank Fritz weight loss – Know from his words

There is an exclusive report from the Sun regarding the 65 pounds weight loss of the star. As per his words, his weight loss is to make sure that he has the best control of his disease (an inflammatory bowel disease affecting the digestive tract line). He added that he eats just healthy.

He had also mentioned that drinking can add weight. Since you drink, you tend to eat more. He was not dieting but drinking a little bit. Especially for eight to nine months, he stayed away from alcohol consumption.

His Crohn’s disease is not curable. Also, he has been struggling with it for more than 30 years. This forms the major reason for his weight loss. The disease typically affects the person with impacts such as severe diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue, malnutrition, and weight loss.

Frank Fritz has revealed to the audience that he has been sober and was heavy at drinking. Fritz previously mentioned that he had undergone rehab in Iowa for alcohol addiction. It happened when he was off from the show for 77 days.

However, in later stages, he watched out for his diet and tried to have the best control of the disease. He made sure that he is eating healthier food. Frank happily said that he feels healthy.

He has added that if he had done these efforts five years before, he may have become a different person. He typically mentioned his changes and 65 pounds weight loss as the best thing that happened to him.

It is true that his difficulty to deal with Crohn’s illness made him lose weight and adapt to a healthy life. He did exercises, ate well and so, he remains healthy.

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