Julia Morris Weight Loss Journey 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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Julia Morris Weight Loss – How Did She Hit Back the Body Shamers? Here is the exclusive information on Julia Morris Weight Loss.

The host of the popular – I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and also holding the pride of being on the cover of Prevention magazine (February/March) issue finds no time to reply to the body shamers.

After undergoing plastic surgery, Julia Morris revealed her dramatic weight loss transformation.

Let us see here what has helped in this amazing weight loss journey.

Biography Of Julia Morris

Known asJulia Morris
Full nameJulia Carolyn Margaret Morris
Birth on20/04/1968
Birth PlaceSydney, Australia
SchoolSt. Patrick Catholic Primary school
CollegeSt Joseph’s catholic college and Santa Sabina college
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandDan Thomas
ChildrenSophie Rebecca Thomas Ruby Charlotte Thomas
Zodiac signTaurus
ProfessionActress, Comedian, and Host
Net worth$900,000

Julia Morris Life and Career

  • The famous host Julia Morris is also an Australian comedian, writer, television presenter, and producer.
  • She is one of the most accomplished and well-known performers.
  • Julia was a standup comedian and had starred in TV-Show House Husbands of Nine Network.
  • In 2013, She hosted the show – Australia’s Got Talent
  • She became the new host of the show ‘I’m a Celebrity’ – in 2018
  • Her first TV appearance was made at the age of 17, in 1985. This has been done at the show – New faces. Here she performed a Bonnie Tyler song.
  • She featured in Full frontal, an Australian Sketch Comedy series, in 1995.
  • Julia Morris’s regular appearances include
  • The Middle show
  • Good Morning Australia
  • Gladiator (an action series)
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Tv quiz – QI
  • Thank God You’re here
  • The singing office
  • Good News Week

And more.

Julia Morris Weight Loss Journey

As a standup comedian, and on TV screens, Julia had spent almost 30 years making people laugh. With her show ‘ I’m a celebrity’, she spotted numerous negative comments which mentioned her appearance.

In an Instagram video, she said that she made a huge mistake by glancing at what the viewers said.

Julia Morris recently embarked on a three-month weight loss journey. Julia Morris weight loss story ended up with a completely new look of the comedian in which she looked healthy and fit. It is true that she has been in the spotlight for a number of years due to her weight.

Now the 54-year-old star has lost weight and become attractive. All her fans are interested to know more about her weight loss.

Julia has revealed that more than just focusing on the weight loss goals, she was aiming at becoming healthy and fit. On her speaking with Good Health and Wellbeing, she opened up to a physiotherapist that if she hadn’t started exercising, she would have caught up in trouble.

Diet and Exercise Routine

Julia Morris is certainly an inspiration for her strategically approaching to a healthy weight loss journey. She shared all the secrets to weight loss in an issue of ‘Women’s day’.

Julia is delighted to share that she had shed nearly 20 kg and she added that she was very happy to keep it for over 4 years.

The mother of two children proudly shared that anyone can make it possible if they are well-prepared to reduce their calorie intake and reduce sugar. She is very fond of sugar, however, she had to stamp out to lose weight. She told fans that she was mentally preparing for that mentally. She tried to stick to salads.

Julia was very conscious of what she takes in her meals. She put all the effort into consuming smaller amounts. This will help a lot in losing weight and curbing the appetite. Partial credit for her slim journey goes to exercise.

Julia revealed that she was worrying too much about her body shape. However, after a course of time, she understood that she should be conscious in front of her two kids about the thought of her body weight. After the successive efforts in weight loss, she felt a great achievement.

Even if asked about the weight loss, she carefully denoted it as healthy rather than weight loss.

Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Julia Morris weight loss Before and After Pictures
Julia Morris weight loss Before and After Pictures

Though Julia’s determination has been interrupted by the pandemic, still she could make her journey successful. Her images are solid proof of this.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Julia Morris lose all her weight?

Julia met a trainer and she continued training twice each week along with a balanced diet that curbed sugar and calorie intake. The training made her core strength, which she explained in her words – not as a bad jelly anymore.

2. How did Julia Morris get famous?

Julia Morris had a seamless journey from the stage to screen for more than 34 years. She has an outstanding career where she has shared the stage with Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander, Jerry Lewis, and Robin Williams.

Her first appearance was done at 17 on Aussie TV. She was a household name in her mid-nineties. She starred in many roles in many series and movies. She won ‘Best Australian Act’ at the 2009 Comedy Awards.

3. Did Julia Morris get married?

Julia Morris is married to Dan Thomas, who is a British Comedian. The couple married on December 31, 2005. The happy couple was together for nearly 17 years, and they have two kids. However, the marriage life ended in 2022 and Julia was the first to open up that the marriage life was not perfect.


Julia Morris has been criticized for her weight for most of her life. However, she had no time as a busy comedian and the mother of two kids to look into such matters. Though she successfully completed Julia Morris weight loss journey, yet, she is happy with what actually she is.

If you like to know more about her weight loss journey, you can read out all the tips and secrets that made her slim down in a weekly issue of Woman’s Day.

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