Lizzo Weight Loss 2024: How Did She Lose 70 pounds in 10 months

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Inspiring Story Of Lizzo Weight Loss Transformation: In December of 2020, Lizzo through her Instagram post revealed that she had undergone a 10 days smoothie-based detox. This is the one that spoke to the world about Lizzo Weight Loss. This recent days’ hottest performer who has grabbed the attention of people through the award of Entertainer of the Year” in 2019 by Time magazine is also popular due to the weight loss journey.

In fact, there were some incredible results from her journey. However, it was also one that was full of difficulties. So, what has happened in Lizzo weight loss transformation? How did she achieve this? Let us see here.

Profile of Lizzo

Full name  Melissa Viviane Jefferson
Birth Date27 April 1988
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan  United States
Net worth $10 Million
Birth signLeo
ParentsMichael Jefferson and Shari Johanson-Jefferson
ProfessionSinger, Rapper, Flutist and Songwriter
HeightIn Feet and Inches 5′ 10″
High SchoolAlief Elsik High School
CollegeUniversity of Houston

Did Lizzo’s weight gain was more?

The well-known American singer has been popular recently as she is one of the hottest performers. With the height measurement of 5 feet and 10 inches, this rapper, song writer and flutist weighed around 140 kgs. However, when most of the people found to gain weight during the lockdown of the pandemic period, Lizzo lost her weight.

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Right from the beginning of her career, Lizzo has been seen as a plus size celebrity to her audiences. In fact, she is the one to appear on the vogue cover as the first black and plus sized woman. She is a spokesperson for body positivity. Although, she is not only the one plus sized woman to take part in the weight loss journey, still she is certainly the one who sparked in the passionate speech.

Lizzo weight loss – images before and after

Look at the proud pictures of the popular Grammy Award-winning singer Lizzo before and after the weight loss.

Know about the weight loss journey of the Plus size celebrity

If you look at the cost spent for the weight loss transformation for the American singer, Lizzo, it costs a lot. However, she didn’t spend all her savings. The expense was around $500 and $1,000 which was spent on the diet with which she lost 40 pounds. She lost a total of 70 pounds in a period of 10 months.

There were some controversies about the weight loss of Lizzo. She revealed through Instagram that she adhered to a 10-day smoothie detox cleanse program. It was built by J.J. Smith, who is a nutritionist. There have been some criticisms by the health experts about the cleansing of detox. There is only a little scientific evidence about the real working of it for weight loss. However, Lizzo responded to all the critics and she stated that she went on a 10-day smoothie detox.

 If you look at the weight loss program of Lizzo, it was all about the wise food choices. It tends to remove all the unnecessary things bad for health from the diet. And they all will be replaced with some healthy foods. Such foods will help to improve the immune system, detox the toxins and enhance the mood levels.

Her weight loss diet is a revolutionary one that included delicious and tasty ice creams that contained high fiber. Also, it has smoothies with low fat. She consumed a lot of vegetables. In fact, vegan smoothie is one of the well-known ways to lose weight and Lizzo did that.

In addition to the diet, she also had desserts and snacks. Frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder and jelly smoothies were there.

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