Rick Ross Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Surgery, Before & After Photos

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Revealed About Rick Ross Weight Loss Journey : The popular American rapper Rick Ross is famed for his millions of fans all over the world. There are huge pairs of eyes that are looking to get to know of his new albums on the internet.

Besides searching for the rapper for his albums, people are making one more search in the recent days. Rick Ross Weight Loss!

Yes, there are so many queries being raised about his weight loss of almost 100 pounds. So what remained as the secrets behind that? Come, let us see.

Bio of Rick Ross

Full NameWilliam Leonard Roberts II
Birth DateJanuary 28, 1976
Birth PlaceClarksdale, Mississippi United States
Net worthUSD $40 Million approx
Zodiac signAquarius
SchoolMiami Carol City Senior High School
ParentsFather- No known and Mother – Tommie Roberts
Height1.8 m
SpouseLira Galore
ProfessionActor, Rapper and Songwriter
ChildrenSons – William Roberts III, Billion Leonard Roberts
Daughter- Toie Roberts

Rick Ross snaps – Before and after his weight loss

Rick Ross Weight Loss before and after photos

Are you a real fan of Rick Ross? Can’t resist knowing more about Rick Ross weight loss journey? You will get some useful information here.

Before that, have a glance at the images of the rapper before and after his weight loss transformation.

How much was the weight of Rick Ross?

Rick Ross is quite famous for his ‘Blowin’ Money Fast. In fact, this tune has gathered more than 30 million views on YouTube. Still, the same attention was also received for the 90 pound weight loss journey of Rick Ross.

When he was 43 years, his weight scale turned 350 pounds. He just slept for 3 hours, and was leading the life as he wanted to what he thought was the fullest. However, since he faced two seizures within six hours in between made him to get into emergency landings and go into reevaluation of all things.

In addition, doctors also urged Ross to make changes in his exercise and diet to save his life. This is the starting point of losing 75 lbs from his weight.

Rick Ross weight loss diet

Rick Ross

When talking about the weight loss transformation of Rick Ross, we should know about some of the valuable tips. Right from getting away from the habit of eating steaks to following fun workout sessions, there went a lot in the 75 pounds weight loss journey of Rick.

Coming to his diet plan, he focused on eating kale casserole, salmon, and salad. In addition, he also preferred taking giant fruit plates. The major thing about his weight loss diet was that he relied on eating slowly instead of depending on other things which may not last long.

He used to take healthy snacks in between the meal plans. He also equipped him with a cheat sheet which allowed taking fast foods from his favorite places. However, he restricted taking in between noon hours and after 5 pm.

He also restricted eating only three times a week. In order to lose the weight, he joined Crossfit. He nicknamed it “RossFit,” and made changes in his diet plan.

Did he undergo Gastric Bypass surgery?

When Rick approached the weight of 400 pounds he faced up with the problem of suffering from 2 seizures within the duration of 6 hours. This necessitated him to lose weight.

It really seemed as a miracle that the rapper reduced his weight from 400 pounds to 300 pounds. This was due to the result of his healthy lifestyle. The drastic change was also due to the fact that he underwent a gastric bypass surgery.

Sources say that after the rapper completed the bypass surgery, his appetite was lessened and this made him lose about 20 pounds.

Workout plan

Rick Ross photos

The weight loss transformation of Rick was successful. This is because; he enjoyed his new changes of eating healthy and fun workouts. He was ready enough to convince him about the changes in his lifestyle and doing more workouts.

Also, he had equally given importance to proper sleeping. He followed a high intensity workout plan. Enduring tough workouts was not so a new thing for Rick. He had already played offensive line when he was at Albany State University in Georgia.

He kept a good balance in eating and steadily followed the workout and finally he achieved weight loss.

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