Best Weight Loss Clinic in Beaumont TX 2024

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If you are aiming to attain healthy weight loss, then it is important that you choose the best weight loss clinic in Beaumont tx. Despite the diet or exercise you undergo, consulting with an expert and undergoing a weight loss program seem to be the most appropriate decision.

Obesity is certainly a problem to take care of, lose your extra weight by selecting a reliable weight loss clinic. We have given a fine choice of weight loss clinics in Beaumont tx. Outweigh the options and pick your relevant one.


1. Beaumont Urgent Care

About The Centre

The clinic offers a broad spectrum of services that are very helpful in diagnosing and delivering the right treatment. The center is best known for its excellent customer care and fast & friendly patient care. If you are seeking some of the most reliable tools to safely lose weight and an effective weight loss program in your search, this is the appropriate center for you.

The professionals at the clinic will give their best guidance for safe and easy weight loss. Moreover, affordable and easy-to-follow diet plans are the highlights of the clinic.


  • Most insurance plans are accepted
  • Specially formulated fat-burning injections for reducing fat deposits
  • Helps in reducing the fat naturally
  • The clinic is accessible seven days a week
  • All ages of treatment are welcome


Address3650 N. Major Dr. Suite A Beaumont, TX 77713
Phone number409-333-1272

2. Beaumont Health

About The Centre

Conquering weight is no more a struggle with this clinic. Weight management experts have designed the weight loss program, exercise physiology, behaviour management, and nutrition. The programs are entirely customizable here.

Beaumont has 8 hospitals and it has a wide network of 5,000 physicians, 155 outpatient locations, and 33,000 employees. With the weight loss program of the clinic, patients can accomplish their intended weight loss, sustain the lost weight, and get protected from serious health conditions. This includes:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep apnea
  • Different cancers
  • Bone and joint conditions

What Does The Program Cover?

  • Medical monitoring, done by a healthcare provider
  • Support groups
  • Individual sessions combined with an exercise physiologist and dietician
  • Under a licensed psychologist monitoring
  • Attain healthy living goals through cooking & nutrition classes
  • Behavior modification by a counselor in weight management 


  • Tailored to fit the budget
  • Helps in coping with cravings
  • Stress management
  • Tackle weight loss challenges
  • Access to free weekly support groups


AddressMultiple locations are available. Visit the Beaumont Health website and find your nearest
Phone number248-597-2727

3. Mithani MD

About The Centre

For an effective weight loss treatment, there needs to be an expert. Here we bring to your notice a board-certified general surgeon who has an immense interest in weight loss medicine, Dr. Waheeda Mithani. Whatever your goals are, let it be losing weight to become healthy or enhancing your look, Mithani MD can help you.

Every program at the center is customized as per the individual needs of the patient. And it covers all or any of the below:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Metabolic testing
  • Medications
  • Supplements

How Does It Work Here?

The weight loss journey starts here with a full body evaluation. Obesity can often be related to some other diseases such as diabetes, anxiety, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol. With a full body evaluation, all these general diseases are also figured out. Thus it makes weight loss more effective.

What Does The Program Cover?

  • Exercise is a major element of the program
  • Dr. Mithani will design a custom meal replacement using the medical evaluation information.
  • Safe and productive exercise plans
  • Safely accelerate weight loss with medications and supplements
  • Metabolic testing to know the rate of calories used by the body


Address3820 FM 365 Suite 200, Port Arthur, TX 77642, USA
Phone number(409)721-5150

4. Prime Weight Loss

About The Centre

Prime Weight Loss is situated in Beaumont, TX, and is an exclusive weight loss center for quick weight loss, dietary education, and insulin regulation. The clinic aids the best to its clients by establishing strong relationships with those struggling to lose weight, looking to manage the loss of weight, or dealing with chronic diseases.

If you are looking to build a healthier lifestyle and improve your quality of life, contact Prime Weight Loss Centre today. The center also specializes in offering remote weight loss programs across the nation.

What Does The Program Cover?

  •  weekly or bi-weekly check-ins
  •  Foods or snacks during the program
  • Meal modifications as required
  • Consultation with a doctor and/or nutritionist one-on-time
  • Recipe ideas
  • Knowledge of weight loss
  • 7-day support

All are eligible for lifetime maintenance at the end of the program. This helps to ensure their sustained weight loss by visiting the center once a month without any charges.

Highlights Of The Centre

  • Remote programs where the services are offered directly to the home
  • Weekly support
  • Review your body composition and determine the amount of weight to lose.


Address5910 Muela Creek, Ste D, Beaumont, TX 77706, USA
Phone number(409) 300-6814


Weight loss centers are not just calorie-burning clinics. The latest tools and technology of the weight loss clinics have made them the best platform to reach your goals. When you take your treatment from accredited practicing physicians, you can lose weight safely.

Aiming for weight loss is not going to bother you if you have the right weight loss clinic Beaumont tx with you. For your assistance, we have covered some of the top listed weight loss medical centers in Beaumont tx in this article. Go through the clinics, know of their styles of treatment, get in touch for the pricing, and choose your appropriate one.

Narrow down the choice and attain your desired shape.

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