Angela Deem Weight Loss: Diet, Surgery, Before and After 2024

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Know About The New Look After Angela Deem Weight Loss: It was in the last year of 2021, July month, Angela through her Instagram post revealed to the audience about her weight loss. In the same year in March month, she opened up about her weight loss. She added that it was due to liposuction procedure and breast reduction.

Although her husband was against the surgeries that were involved in Angela Deem weight loss, still she wanted to do that. She mentioned that she likes to live longer and hence she underwent the surgeries. Let us look here at the amazing Angela Deem weight loss journey of 90 pounds.

Angela Deem Biography

Full name  Angela Kaye Deem
Birth Date09 December 1965
Birth PlaceHazelhurst, Georgia United States
Net worth USD 5-6 Million (approximately)
Birth signSagittarius
ParentsNot unknown
ProfessionActress, television personality and social media star
HeightIn Feet and Inches 5′ 7″
EducationHigh School graduate
High SchoolBoone High School
FacebookNot known

Angela Deem pictures – before and after the weight loss

Look here for the newfound curves of Angela. It is really amazing to see her after 90-pound weight loss.

What was behind Angela Deem weight loss?

Angela, the TLC star gave surprise to her fans with her jaw dropping weight loss transformation recently. So, who is this Angela? She is the well-known reality personality who appeared in 90 Day Fiancé. She is widely popular on social media and her Instagram account has a huge fan base of 662,000 followers.

When she opened up her weight loss journey, she mentioned that her husband Michael Ilesanmi was not supportive in her decision of undergoing surgery for weight loss.

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Find here the statement of Angela Deem about her weight loss:

Angela, who is a 54 years old reality star, happily announced her decision to lose weight for better health. She added that if she had not undergone weight loss, she might have faced a heart attack. She had undergone five surgeries. This includes liposuction, gastric sleeve surgery and breast reduction surgery. Also, as she had two hernias, the doctor advised her to remove that too.

Reaction of fan about Angela Deem weight loss

The fans of 90 Day Fiancé were so thrilled when they saw Angela photos after the weight loss on her Instagram posts. There were obvious changes in her appearances which may be due to the surgeries she mentioned in the posts. The comments overflowed in her account. Some mentioned that she looks very different, while some others complimented her new look. There were plenty of love showers showed on her from her fellow fans and 90 Day cast members

How much weight did Angela lose?

The 90 Day Fiancé star lost about 90 pounds. Even some other sources reveal that she had lost almost 100 pounds. In fact, she weighed around 273 lbs before the weight loss journey. But now after the surgery she is a happy 190 pounds. When she was fat, she felt ashamed to show her in front of anyone.

When she opened up about the surgeries that she underwent for weight loss and other issues, she cautiously mentioned that she did not go for “miracle surgery”. She added that she had put in hard work to lose weight.  She mentioned in the statement that she couldn’t enjoy those foods that she generally likes to have. Such foods include cakes and hamburgers. She also told the followers that in the way of weight loss journey, she made changes to her lifestyle.

The 90 day surgery procedure helped her in losing the weight of almost 100 pounds. Though her husband Michael had weight loss surgery, after her new looks for a better healthy life, he got satisfied.

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