Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss Journey 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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The PGA Champion Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss Journey: Ariya Jutanugarn, a Thai golfer, is the first one to win a major title in Thailand. Since 2013, she has been playing in the LPGA Tour. The golf player recently amazed her fans with her weight loss journey. Ariya possesses the pride of being ranked No 1 in the World Golf Ranking of women back in June 2017.

Though she is an excellent golf player, the recent talks go beyond her golf-playing abilities – about her weight loss. So, what happened to Ariya Jutanugarn weight loss? How did she manage the transformation?

Profile Of Ariya Jutanugarn

Full nameAriya Jutanugarn
Birth on23 November 1995
Age27 years
Birth PlaceBangkok
ParentsNarumon and Somboon Jutanugarn
Marital StatusUnmarried
SiblingsMoriya Jutanugarn
Zodiac signSagittarius
Profession Golfer
Net worth $5 Million
Weight73 kg
Ariya Jutanugarn

Quick Facts About Ariya Jutanugarn

  • Ariya Jutanugarn is a popular professional golfer from Thai.
  • As of now, Ariya Jutanugarn contributes to the LPGA Tour. This is a female professional golfer American Organization.
  • She is best appreciated for her incredible grip on golf.
  • Ariya has an older sister Moriya. Moriya has the pride of being the first female to win the Duke of York Young Champions Trophy, which had been held in 2009.
  • She possesses an aggressive and fearless golf-playing style.
  • She qualified for Honda LPG in 2007, at the age of 11. This means she is the youngest player to get qualified for an LPGA tour event.
  • Ariya holds the Number 1 rank golfer in the Women’s World Golf Rankings in June 2017. So far, she grasps a rank for an overall 23 weeks in her career.
  • Her father stayed as the major reason behind her started playing golf.
  • Ariya Jutanugarn’s story has been taken as a movie called Tee Shot: Ariya Jutanugarn. This biopic film covers the LPGA tour of Ariya, right from childhood to reaching the number one position in the golf world.
  • Ariya has played with T-3 at the LPGA final qualifying tournament and acquired her tour card for 2015. She got her first LPGA tour win in 2016 and became the first Thai winner.

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss Transformation

The PGA champion Ariya Jutanugarn made her fans to be filled with surprises when she showed an improved physique during the season. Besides shedding pounds, Ariya also showed improvements in her swinging. She became the Rolex Player of the Season and obtained many accolades.

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The golf player thought to bring some healthy changes and she was determined to adopt a weight loss journey. In a press conference in January 2020, she made a statement that she wanted to stay healthy and like to play golf for a long time. She shed over 20 pounds in 2019 and could be back in better shape.

She looked slimmer than before, however, the overall pounds that she lost in the entire weight loss journey remains unknown. Yes, she stays silent regarding her weight loss transformation and she has not revealed more information on the same.

However, we have dug deep and gathered some information for you.

Diet and Workout Plan

With a diabetic history, Ariya Jutanugarn possesses the risk of diabetes and hence she skipped sugar in her intake. Although she has a sweet tooth, still she avoided cakes and other desserts. She made sure that her intake is not overridden by too many sweets.

Ariya has remarked that she loves to have desserts and even takes a cake right before she starts to play. However, when she commenced her weight loss journey, she completely avoided all those things. She stayed selective in her food intake and cut off sugar.

It’s true that as an athlete, being on a diet is not a big deal for Ariya. In order to burn off the excess calories, she avoided any kind of unhealthy meal choices.

Ariya was not so interested in doing excessive workouts for losing weight. She didn’t undergo a lot other than her regular workouts to make her body fit into shape. She burned calories with some of the intense exercises. Of course, an athlete’s life will be closely connected to workouts, and so is for Ariya.

Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss Before and After photos

The followers of Ariya Jutanugarn can note down her obvious changes. On considering the before and after images, you can observe that the golf player looks more healthier and capable now.

How much weight has Ariya Jutanugarn lost?

By adopting a strict diet regime and with the hope of having a long career in golf, Ariya lost about 9 pounds in the past months. In an overall, she has lost 20 pounds during the course of the season.

How tall is Ariya Jutanugarn?

Speaking about body measurements of Ariya, her height is 5 feet and 7 inches or 170 cm. With this height, she has a weight of 73 kg.

Who is older Moriya or Ariya?

Ariya has an elder sister whose name is Moriya. Moriya is also a professional golf player and she has the honor of winning over two times on the LPGA Tour. 3. 

What is the nationality of Ariya Jutanugarn?


What’s In The Bag with Ariya Jutanugarn?

Moriya has been sponsored by Titleist Balls and she makes us of the Titleist Pro V1X. Ariya does not have a driver in her bag. Rather, she has her 3-wood or utility iron in the tee box.


Since Ariya Jutanugarn was not open about the weight loss journey, we couldn’t pull more information regarding the same. However, it is certain that Ariya Jutanugarn weight loss story is all about her healthy body intention and perseverance. She could bring down her weight from 180 pounds to 160 pounds.

With her strict diet schedule and workout plans, Ariya achieved her fitness goals. Now the golf player is back with her toned body and could play a long time in her career, as she wished. She will be excellent at the women’s game.

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