Damon Wimbley weight loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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Damon Wimbley Weight Loss – How does the popular guy from the fat boys lose weight? Damon Wimbley, also known as Kool Rock Saki, from the hip hop group the fat boys, became quite known for this significant weight loss story.

Since he has been occupied with continuous music tours and trips, he could not concentrate on his physical appearance. This made him gain 880 pounds of weight at just 20 years old.

So, what efforts are embraced in Damon Wimbley weight loss? How does the whole story begin? Let’s see.

Bio of Damon Wimbley

Best Known asKool Rock Ski
Birth onNovember 4, 1966,
Birth PlaceBrooklyn
SchoolGood Grades and Thomas Jefferson High School
Educational qualificationGraduate
UniversityUS state university
Member of Fat boys
Marital StatusNot known
CollegeLaGuardia Community College
Zodiac signCapricorn
ProfessionRapper and actor
Net worth$1 Million – $5 Million (It is approximate)
Height5 Feet 8 Inches

Who is Damon Wimbley?

  • Damon Wimbley is a renowned American rapper and entertainer.
  • He is best known as a former member of the famous “The Fat Boys”, the hip-hop group.
  • Damon is among the three founding members of the hip-hop group – the fat boys. Others are Mark Anthony Morales and Darren Robinson
  • The band was originally named Disco 3. After 1983, the name was changed to ‘the fat boys’.
  • Some of the popular lists of music videos done by Damon Wimbley include:
    1. Jailhouse Rap (1984)
    2. Fat boys (1984)
    3. Don’t You Dog Me (1985)
    4. All You Can Eat (1985)
    5. Can you Feel It (1985)
    6. The Wipe Out (1987)
  • Besides movies, he also acted in a few films in the 1980s.
  • Krush Groove – 1985
  • Knights of the City – 1986
  • Disorderlies – 1987
  • T and T (TV series) – 1988
  • My Crackhead Uncle – 2011
  • Red Eyes – 2016


  • Nominated for the Razzie Awards in 1986 for the Worst Original Song.
  • Nominated as the Favorite Male singer in 1989 in the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Damon Wimbley Weight Loss

Because of the continued music tours and trips, Damon Wimbley failed to pay attention to his physical state. Hence at the age of 20 years old, he gained a huge weight of nearly 330 lbs, which is equivalent to 150 kg. This ended up in a lot of discomfort for the rapper.

While speaking with Vibe in 2010, Damon opened up about his physical appearance. He worried that he was putting on too much weight. As the group had been on the tour bus, traveling from city to city, they didn’t know what they were eating.

Hence, he became fat. However, as so many things passed out, the guys couldn’t focus on the fact that they were putting on weight.

Finally, he took determination, put in his deliberate efforts to follow a diet, and successfully shed pounds.

Secrets in Damon Wimbley Weight Loss Journey

Damon Wimbley believed it is a tough journey to lose weight and maintain a specific physique standard. However, he was sure that if have the right commitment, it would be possible to achieve the goals.

Even though he was overweight, still, Damon could maintain his smart and cool look. In fact, he looked more appealing to his fans.

When Damon reached a weight of over 330 lbs, he was not even able to tie his shoes without extended breathing or taking a deep breath. He also faced difficulties in his daily activities. He was forced to lose weight not just for physical appearance but to lead a healthy life.

Damon Wimbley’s Diet and Workout Plan

One of the group members, Buff Love, passed away due to a heart attack. It has been assumed the cause is probably due to the overweight of 200 kg (450 pounds).

This seems to be an alarm call for Damon, and he had taken serious efforts by adopting a balanced and healthy diet and workout routine.

Damon stayed away from all the junk food and ensured his diet contains all healthy intakes. Damon didn’t disclose any information about what he eats and his diet intake.

However, on seeing his drastic weight loss and physique it is quite clear that Damon Wimbley weight loss journey will have a low-carb diet, remove the sugary intake, and follow small meal portions.

Workout Routine

Damon hadn’t shared much information on the internet about his exercises or fitness plan.

But it is certain that diet alone can’t help in achieving the desired weight loss. In order to lose significant pounds, he would have followed immense workout sessions. He strongly adhered to the exercise routine and never missed out on his workout sessions.

Damon Wimbley Before and After Photos

Damon Wimbley weight loss Before and After Pictures

Damon is said to have lost 175 lbs and weighed around 185 pounds. He said that after he had reached 240 lbs, he never looked back and he never wanted to go to weight also.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Damon Wimbley?

Damon Wimbley is now 57 years old. Damon was born on 4th November 1966, in the United States of America. There is no other information about his family and siblings.

2. What is Damon Wimbley net worth?

The popular American rapper and actor, Damon Wimbley is estimated to have a net worth of $500 thousand. Damon is well-known for the high-hop trio – The Fat Boys. The group was formed in the year 1982, faced a breakup in 1982, and reunited in 2008. The Fat Boys group was very successful with albums such as The Fat Boys Are Back (1985) and Big & Beautiful (1986).


When Damon Wimbley was 55 years old, his weight was 68 kg (150 lbs). Though Damon Wimbley weight loss journey helped a lot in losing a notable number of pounds from the weight, still, he didn’t stop working out.

He continued to take a healthy diet and adhere to regular gym workout sessions. This is what helped him to maintain a slim physique.

When asked in an interview what has influenced Damon to lose weight, he answered he climbed 330 pounds when he ended 19 years. He felt like running a marathon to just tie the shoes.

But he didn’t stop there, put in hard efforts and achieved weight loss.

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