Jazmine Sullivan Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Surgery, Workout, Before & After

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What Is Inside The Jazmine Sullivan Weight Loss Journey? Jazmine Sullivan, the Grammy nominated songwriter and singer, recently shocked her fans with her slimmest figure. When her new album Heaux Tales was released, she grabbed the attention of a lot of fans as she has been undergoing a weight loss story. If you look at her instagram of recent days, you can notice this talented girl has lost 50 pounds from her amazing Jazmine Sullivan weight loss journey.

Bio of Jazmine Sullivan

Full NameJazmine Marie Sullivan
Known asJazmine Sullivan
Birth DateApril 9, 1987
Birth PlacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.
Net worth$7 million
Birth signAries
ParentsDon and Pam Sullivan
HeightSinger, songwriter
SchoolPhiladelphia High School
ProfessionSinger and songwriter

How did Jazmine Sullivan Weight Loss happen?

Although the recent look of Jazmine Sullivan astonished many, still there were also some critics on her weight loss. Such critics mentioned that she looked sickly. In September 2020, in her Instagram, she shared a snippet. This was intended to do promotion for her single ‘Lost One’. And this is the one that revealed her incredible weight loss transformation. In fact, she managed nearly 50 pounds in her weight. With a new look of Jazmine, there were some comments that were raised from the public regarding slimmer appearance.

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This popular American singer after her weight loss journey, she weighs around 180 pounds now. However, she revealed that it was not her goal to lose weight. Actually, she was aiming to support her mother who was fighting against cancer. In this battle, it happened to be vegan. And this helped her in the weight loss journey.

Jazmine Sullivan – Before and after images of the weight loss

Find here the new looks of the singer. It was truly amazing to see the dramatic changes in her.

Jazmine Sullivan Weight Loss – what are the things that happened here?

From the Beet, we come to know that Sullivan has shred about 50 pounds weight with the help of a vegan diet. Still, she didn’t have the intention of becoming skinny. She has written about this in her instagram story. She did so in order to answer those who threw criticisms at her regarding the weight loss and referred to her new looks as ‘sickly’.

She added that her goal was to bear the support of her cancer diseased mother. To help in her mother’s breast cancer battle, she switched to a vegan diet along with her mother. She was making the effort to make those dark days to most.

What is Jazmine Sullivan’s vegan diet?

Typically, vegan diets will not include any animal products. This means such diet plans will exclude foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and other such animal products. In simple terms, the vegan lifestyle stands for the thing that avoids exploitation of animals. This includes all right from food, clothing and entertainment.

Besides the vegan diet, she was careful about what she eats. She used to avoid heavily processed food products. Indeed, this is one of the crucial steps in a weight loss journey. Moreover, she also made exceptions to sugar added food products and high calorie items.

Workouts have also played their part in her weight loss journey. She adapted to an intense fitness schedule. This made her engage in physical exercises. Along with the vegan diet, she added workouts to make a massive weight loss.

Although, it was stunning to see her new looks, yet all did not appreciate that. Many left their unsolicited opinions in the comments section of the post. Though most didn’t expect that Jazmine Sullivan would respond to that, still she did that.

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