Jessica Amlee Weight Loss Journey 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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Inspiring Jessica Amlee Weight Loss Journey: For those who are looking to lose weight after pregnancy, Jessica Amlee Weight Loss will be truly helpful and inspiring. When Jessica reprised her role for a two-part episode as Mallory in Heartland’s 10th season, fans were surprised to see her dramatic weight loss.

Though Jessica is not so open about her weight loss journey, still, we have tried to pull more information for you. Let us look at how she’s back again with a skinny physique.

Biography Of Jessica Amlee

Known asJessica Kelsey Amlee
Birth onJuly 17, 1994
Age28 years old
Birth PlaceMaple Ridge Canada
ParentsDouglas Amlee and Steffie Amlee
Marital StatusIn a relationship (David Jones Roberts)
Known for Role Mallory for the television series -Heartland
Zodiac signCancer
Profession Actress
Net worth USD $15 million – Approximately
Height5 feet 2 inches (1.60 m)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)

Jessica Amlee’s Career

  • Jessica Amlee is the granddaughter of Paul John Guloien, the popular Canadian jazz saxophonist. Hence she could get all the support from her family.
  • She is best known for her role as Mallory in Heartland, a television series.
  • She has also her appearances on Beneath (a thriller-horror film), and Greenhouse Academy (Jackie Sanders on Netflix).
  • Jessica likes to develop her screenplays and pilots for movies and TV.
  • Her career journey started in 2001, as ‘Annie Owen’. It’s a Canadian–American science-fiction drama series.
  • After that, she had her appearances in the series:
  1. Smallville – 2001
  2. Miracle Pets – 2002
  3. The Outer Limits – 2001
  • Jessica featured in a public service announcement, in the fall of 2002, which was for the Canadian National Hockey Association.
  • Jessica has so far done more than 50 commercials, in which the very popular brands are Coca-Cola and Hasbro.
  • The theatrical film debut Jessica was playing the role of Young Julia in They, an American supernatural horror film, in 2002.
  • Besides her small-screen endeavors, she has also done her debut film in this 2002’s American supernatural horror film.
  • The preceding film by Jessica Amlee, My Life Without Me, is a huge commercial success. It has been released in 2003 ( December 17th)
  • Jessica has received many awards including ‘Leo Award’

Jessica Amlee Weight Loss

Despite the fact that she doesn’t reveal much information on her weight loss transformation, still, she had shared on her Twitter about losing weight. She suggested that those who are interested in losing weight necessarily do not have to join gyms and rely on heavy workouts. All she mentions is to have a healthy diet to remain in good shape.

In order to lose the postpartum weight, Jessica underwent some good exercises and a healthy diet chart and finally, she could lose 100 pounds and stood true to her fitness goal and commitment at the early age of 28. She could achieve this weight loss after the delivery of her third girl baby.

Key Takeaways In Jessica Amlee Weight Loss Transformation

Even after she became a mother, she could lose weight and get back to a skinny and appealing appearance. The young actress is always in good shape and she possesses a slimmer body. She weighed around 240 pounds at her heaviest. However, after giving birth to her daughter named Birdie Mae – Jessica Kelsey Amlee, who is the third child, Jessica could lose 100 lbs.

Diet and Workout Routine

Jessica stayed away from unhealthy eating habits and other aspects that would stop her from losing weight. As she was suffering from an eating habit disorder, she struggled to lose weight even though she followed a controlled and balanced lifestyle.

Finally, she was determined to give up all her bad eating habits. Jessica was away from taking junk foods and she removed all the processed food from her daily intake. She was fond of eating burgers and pizzas. But she could get away from that.

Losing weight was never a topic on Jessica’s Twitter or Instagram. But she had given some clues to lose weight. Eating healthy was top on Jessica’s weight loss journey. She took only homemade food. She made sure to have healthy add-ons such as juices, fruits, salads, and greens to her meal plan.

She ensured to have a carbohydrate-free, protein-rich food chart and she left over the habit of taking weight-gaining snacks such as butter, sweets, chips, sodas, and candies.

Exercises and cardio have a great part in Jessica’s weight loss plan. Both helped her to lose around 100 pounds. Especially, after pregnancy, to lose weight physical activities are a must.

Before and After the Weight Loss Pictures

Jessica Amlee Weight Loss Before and After photos

Though Jessica Amlee has a busy schedule, still by integrating an easy diet strategy, she lost weight successfully.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why did Jessica Amlee leave Heartland?

    The actress revealed that she wanted to challenge herself in various ways. The popular Mallory in Heartland, in spite of being fond of the role, left the crew in order to expand her horizons and go far as an actress.

  2. Is Jessica Amlee married to her Husband?

    No, from the reports we came to know that Jessica has not been married. However, she is in a relationship with David Jones-Roberts, an Australian actor.

  3. What does Jessica Amlee do now?

    Currently, Jessica lives in Los Angeles. Jessica Amlee continues her acting studies. She covers both on-screen and off-screen.

  4. How old is Jessica Amlee?

    Born on July 17th, 1994, Canadian Actress Jessica Amlee is 29 years old as of 2023.


Jessica Amlee, the charming actress of Hollywood filmdom has lost a notable weight loss of over 100 pounds. The actress has no belief in costly weight loss programs for losing weight. In fact, she mentions them as ridiculous things on her Twitter posts. All she prefers for a healthy weight loss journey is to eat healthily and do the right exercises.

Though Jessica hit 240 pounds at the time of pregnancy, it was her healthy eating that helped to bring back her slimmer and charmer appearance. If you are looking to lose weight, take Jessica as inspiration and be consistent in your diet and exercise routine to maintain body shape.

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