Jill Scott Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Surgery, Before and After Photos

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Jill Scott Weight Loss: In general, celebrities will be more conscious of their appearance. Hence they are well appreciated when they undergo weight loss journeys. 

Jill Scott weight loss is also not an exception here. Her weight loss story not only helped her to achieve a good figure but also an inspiring one for other women. Moreover, it served as a for all that the key element for quick weight loss is simple healthy living.

A Short Bio of Jill Scott

Full NameJill Heather Scott
Birth Date4 April 1972
Birth PlacePhiladelphia in Pennsylvania  US
Height168cm (5′ 6″)
Zodiac SignAries
Net Worth in 2022$12 Million
ProfessionActress, Song Writer, Singer, Model and Poet
ParentsFather name unknown, Mother –  Joyce Scottz
SchoolPhiladelphia High School For Girls
CollegeTemple University

How Much Did Jill Scott Weight Loss?

Jill Scott has lost more than 63 pounds and also she continues to reshape her body.

Apart from the wonderful vocal pipes and Billboard topping R & B music, she is also realized for her “plus size” pipes. Prior to Jill Scott weight loss, most of the people used terms that refer to the size of her body rather than mentioning her talent. However, after giving birth to the son, Scott decided to get slimmer along with a healthier body.

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She said that she considers health as a great priority as she has become a mother and hence she should take care of that. She further added that she could see a world in the eyes of her son and she always wanted to be there.

Weight Loss of Jill Scott – Before and After Photos

jill scott weight loss before and after

When you glance at her, the probable thought that you gain is, she is big, and however, you will also think the next moment that she is not so plus size.

Some of the pictures that floated earlier reveal that Scott wanted her thighs not to touch. And the images of what goes around says to us that she has become a slimmed-down figure as she wished.

Weight loss secrets shared by Jill Scott

  • It was recently opened up about Jill Scott weight loss. She said that the diverse exercise routine that was added with boxing and biking helped to make the journey successful.
  • Indeed, this beautiful singer’s weight loss journey started in her teens. And now, she has accomplished an incredible weight loss plan. This journey includes everything from the right nutrition to aerobic exercise.
  • She is also the one who has gone through gastric sleeve surgery among the celebrities. Such surgeries reshape the stomach and help in losing weight. Thus you can expect to have better shaped arms and shoulders.

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Diet Plan

She is also the one who proved that it is possible to lose weight without the need of starvation or sacrificing your favorite food. It is a very simple diet secret that she revealed – eat often.


A fitness trainer had been behind Scott in her weight loss. However, the approach for the workout that they followed is entirely different from the new mother’s regular workout schedule.

There is nothing like an impossible workout routine or extreme fitness programs behind her weight loss. Actually, it is the output of dedication and commitment for more than a year.

While asked about the exercise routine, Jill Scott said that she used to do 60 mins of strength-training and cardio exercises three times in a week. Her exercise routine included kickboxing, boxing and biking outdoors.

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While biking outdoors, she used to bring her son along with her. In fact, it has been her favorite exercise among the others.

She said to her fans though she will maintain a healthy lifestyle, still she never likes to be a stick figure.

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