Dana Cutler Weight Loss Journey 2024: Diet and Workout

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Unrevealed About Dana Cutler Weight Loss: Though the reality television program Couples Court with The Cutlers has already brought popularity, the weight loss transformation and the fresh look of Dana Cutler gathered a lot of audiences. This famous lawyer also gained fame due to her weight loss story.

So, what are the secrets of Dana Cutler Weight Loss? Let us uncover it here.

Bio of Dana Cutler

Known asDana Cutler
Birth on1967
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
CollegeSpelman College, Atlanta, Georgia
QualificationBachelor’s degree
UniversityMissouri-Kansas City School of Law
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandKeith Cutler
Net worth$2 million (2020)
Height5 feet 7 inches

Dana Cutler Education, Family & Career

Let us explore some information about Dana Cutler’s family information and about her education, before looking into Dana Cutler weight loss story.

  • Dana went to school at Spelman College, in Atlanta (Georgia)
  • Dana had her Bachelor of Arts degree (English)
  • She completed her J.D. degree. It is from the University of Missouri (Kansas City).
  • Dana married Keith Cutler in June 1989.
  • The couple has three children.
  • In her career, Dana has catered to many positions of bar leadership.
  • In 2006, Dana joined the Board of Curators as a board member.
  • She possesses the pride of being the first woman of color to be nominated as President of The Missouri Bar, in 2016.
  • She works with James W. Tippin and Associates
  • She has obtained three President’s Awards from The Missouri Bar
  • President’s Award from the Kansas City
  • Since 2014, holds the recognition as a Missouri Super Lawyer

Dana Cutler Weight Loss – Diet and Exercise

After an extended absence, Dana could make a comeback to the public spotlight. She has obtained notable popularity from the audience from the TV reality show – Couples Court with The Cutlers.

However, the sad part is her new appearance became notorious. In fact, she revealed the battles with diabetes that she was going through and was not capable of losing weight.

Still, she took the determination to have better control over the situation and it was the point of the Weight Loss Journey of Dana Cutler

Diet Plan of Dana

There were some simple rules followed in her diet plan. Dana found the quarantine period as the best opportunity to lose weight and bring her shape back. She made certain noteworthy changes, and it was possible since she was at home.

Speaking about her diet plan, she cut out all the harmful processed foods. She replaced them with homemade food prepared by her.

Indeed, she was interested in leading a healthy life that doesn’t restrict her and gives her a fine quality of life. She focused on adding more vegetables and reduced the intake of red meat.

She also had a great deal of fruit intake in her diet plan. No saturated fat or fat substitutes had their part in the diet plan. Reduced calorie intake and increased emphasis on the consumption of nutrients were followed in her diet.

She added supplements to the diet that helps in losing weight and aid in managing her chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Dana ensured to drink plenty of water which suppressed her appetite and impulsiveness in eating.

Workout Routine

In addition to the substantial changes in her good intake, Dana also paid attention to regular workouts to add value to the weight loss journey.

Since it was the lockdown period, Dana had her workout plan inside her home, along with her husband. Dana ran on the treadmill for an additional hour.

Besides her workouts in the gym, the workout was quite helpful as she was a passionate yoga practitioner.

It is not just the diet plan and workout plan that helped Dana to lose weight, but it is her dedication that made Dana Cutler Weight Loss a successful one. For those who are worried about their weight and looking to lose, Dana Cutler will be an excellent role model.

Before and After Weight Loss

Dana Cutler Weight Loss Before and After Pictures
Dana Cutler Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

It was highly inspiring to hear about the weight loss of Dana Cutler. She lost significant weight in just 21 days. She lost about 30 pounds and weighed around 170. Formerly, she weighed 200 pounds. Look at her images before and after and get inspired.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who did Dana Cutler marry?

Dana and Keith are the first-ever married couple who are presiding over a TV court show.  The Cutlers married in June 1989. Their marriage ceremony took place at the Second Baptist Church in Kansas City, Mo.

Dana and Keith met in the 1980s, during the period of undergraduate degrees in Atlanta. At this time, Dana was at Spelman College. But Keith was in Morehouse College. Yet, later, Cutlers progressed to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

Dana said that both of them have different interests and hobbies. Though the Cutlers don’t assume themselves as a celebrity couple yet it becomes due to their unique job.

The couple has been in a relationship for nearly 30 years and has three sons.

2. How old is Dana cutler?

Dana Tippin Cutler, the popular American lawyer, best known for the show Couples Court with the Cutlers (an Emmy-nominated show) was born in 1967.

As of 2023, Dana is 56 years old. Currently, she is a resident of The United States, Missouri, Kansas City.


The incredible Dana Cutler Weight Loss transformation became the center of attention as she lost a significant 30 pounds in just a few weeks. Her weight loss journey commenced when she was diagnosed with diabetes. Though it was a shock for her, she still decided to become healthy by adapting to the weight loss journey.

She just didn’t stop there. She made strong changes in her lifestyle, adopted regular healthy eating, and followed workout plans along with Keith, Dana’s husband. It was Dana Cutler’s strong determination that made it possible to have successful results at the end of the weight loss transformation.

It is sure that the weight loss stories of celebrities always help us. In the same way, Dana’s weight loss is certainly a motivating one for those keen on losing weight.

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