Joe Thomas Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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Explained About The 50 Pounds Joe Thomas Weight Loss Transformation

When retired in 2018, Joe Thomas was very sure that he had been the subject of weight loss among many. However, he had a fair explanation over his weight loss transformation.

When he decided to return to his senior-in-high-school look, he did that. It was a successful journey of Joe Thomas weight loss. So how did the foot player make the transformation in his retirement? Explore here.

Joe Thomas’s profile

Full NameJoseph Owen Thomas
Birth Date28 October 1983
Birth PlaceChelmsford, United Kingdom
Net worth$100K-$1M approx. (as of 2019)
Zodiac signScorpio
Food habitNon-vegetarian
Height1.75 m
ProfessionActor, Writer
InstagramNot known
FacebookNot known

Joe Thomas looks – Images of him before and after weight loss

Joe Thomas Weight Loss before and after

It is good to take a glance at the remarkable images of Joe Thomas before and after the weight loss journey. If you look into his transformation, you will get motivated to achieve your own goals of fitness.

How much did NFL star Joe Thomas lose weight?

You may know Joe Thomas as the best offensive linemen in the NFL. Long time periods have passed since the player has retired from the Cleveland Browns and now, he remains in the hall of fame. Each player in the NFL has their own body based on their field’s position.

Some may have smaller or proportionate, while some may carry a larger physique. When speaking about Joe Thomas, he has been always reported by the press due to his weight of 312 pounds. However, the player is back to shape through a remarkable weight loss journey.

When he was in his NFL career, he weighed around 312 pounds. After six months of his retirement, he recently shed around 50 pounds of weight in the journey of Joe Thomas weight loss. It has remained a hot topic on social media for a long period of time. In fact, he revealed that he was very eager to lose the weight when compared with anything during his retirement period.

After he stopped his NFL career, Joe Thomas aimed to lose weight. He had chosen some of the friendly methods as well as a scientific diet in order to be able to get the desired body. He believed that the importance of losing weight has already been discussed in the media.

Hence, he liked to lose weight which will make him healthier and happier, so that he doesn’t have to lend ears to gossip of the people.

Know about Joe Thomas weight loss diet

Joe Thomas bio (1)

After 11 years of a hall of fame career period, Joe Thomas who has been the Former Cleveland Brown retired recently. He has realized that it was quite easy to lose his first pounds of 20, 30 and 40 weight.

He worked on reducing the calories intake. He tracked his meals and came up with the right proportion of protein, carbs, and fats. Since he was tracking, he could find how much sugar he took and he was in good hands of low carb.

He devised his diet plan to maintain his weight. He was eating 6000-7000 calories per day. He switched over a powerful diet of more intakes of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and more whole foods.

Joe Thomas workout plan

Joe seriously considered workouts in his weight loss journey. After he retired, he made great emphasis on his fitness. He was very sensitive to his joints in exercises. He was doing all those people describe as body building lifting. He was involved in doing a lot of single joint exercises. He also loved and indulged in swimming and biking. He considered low impact cardio as the best one since he was a bigger guy.

He also loved to do yoga. Indeed, he felt that it made his body really good. He felt that doing yoga is a great exercise and he sweated heavily while doing it. While he regarded swimming as the core element of his workout routine, he was also involved in bicycling, yoga, and weightlifting.

All these efforts enabled him to bring down his weight to 255 pounds. At this stage, he felt good at his cardiovascular health. In addition, he also significantly reduced the burden of pain on his joints.

Besides he increased his swimming distance, he also worked on his calories intake and thus he achieved his weight loss.

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