Amanda Batula Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before and After Photos

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Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey: Amanda Batula slimmed down after implementing these diet suggestions. How did Amanda Batula lose weight? Find out everything she eats, exercises, and looks like before and after.

Who is Amanda Batula?

Amanda Batula is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. She was born on July 11th, 1972, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Her first album as a solo artist, titled “Songs from the Heart” was released in 2006. Since then, she has released three more albums: “The Way I Am” (2008), “Love Is Love” (2010) and her latest release, “Amanda Batula’s Christmas Album” (2011). The songs on this album were written by Amanda herself and are about love, life, family and friends.

Amanda Batula’s rise to fame has been amazing. She has gained a lot of attention due to her stunning looks and her ability to act. However, she has recently lost some weight. She has revealed that she has been working out regularly to lose more weight.

Amanda Batula Early Career

Amanda began her career as a model in a multinational corporation after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She eventually became popular due to her outstanding work and talent. Her passion for modelings led her to pursue a career in this field.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

On Summer House, Amanda Batula gained a significant amount of weight. Her first official season, she revealed that she was at least 100 pounds overweight when she started the show. She lost about 15 pounds, and now she weighs about 115 pounds.

She claims that she returned to college weight of about 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. While she wasn’t obese by any means, she did gain some weight after having children. She looks healthier than before. Her face doesn’t look as big as it used to be.

Amanda Batula Workout

Amanda Batula is an actress who lost weight by doing exercises. She doesn’t think of exercising as the right thing for her. Her workouts didn’t help her lose weight.She said that she does not know anything about fitness training.

Amanda Batula’s Diet

Amanda Batula said she lost weight by drinking bulletproof water and doing intermittent fasting. She also cut out all sugar and carbs. Batula also thinks it‘s better to give in your cravings in small amounts so that you don’t over indulge, but if you want to lose weight then don’t count calorie or so she believes.

Kyle Cooke‘ partner believes it’ s important to balance out on proteins, meat (if you ate it),vegetables, and fruits. But she says it’ s good to cut out on fruit since it also contains natural sugars and try to avoid all process foods.

Batula also thinks it is better not to step on a scale because it was not numbers that mattered, what matters the most was how you feel in your clothes.Amanda uses a which basically lists out what foods should be avoided, while trying to lose weight.

She drinks bullet proof coffee when she does intermittent fasting as it has health fats. She usually eats lunch at around 3 o’clock during intermittent fasting.

Amanda Batula Before and After Pictures

Amanda Batula Weight Loss

Amanda is still slim but she looks great! Her figure is even better looking because she lost some weight. All of her body parts are visible, and she looks awesome!

Amanda has a very nice ass that you can see in the picture above. She also has a cute smile on her face. 

Amanda Batula Height and Weight

Amanda Batula is a great actress who lost 20 lbs. She has now reached a weight of 50 kilogrammes. Her height is 5’6″.

What does Amanda eat to lose weight?

They include the following

1. Eat More Frequently – The body will only burn fat if there is enough food to do so. Eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day can provide you with extra energy and help burn more calories.

2. Drink Water Before and After Meals – Dehydration makes for sluggish metabolism, and this slows down your ability to lose weight. Drinking a glass of water before each meal helps make the stomach full, helping you feel fuller longer while also making sure that you get the right amount of nutrients needed in order to keep up with your daily caloric requirements.

3. Add Weight Training Into Your Routine – While cardio workouts are great at burning stored fat and keeping it off once you reach your ideal weight, they won’t necessarily help you lose any additional weight. Adding strength training into your routine can increase muscle mass, which will cause the body to need less food to maintain its current weight.

4. Stay Hydrated – A lack of hydration can lead to dehydration, leading to fatigue, headaches, cramps and other symptoms. Make sure that your fluids intake stays above 2 liters per day.

5. Cut Out Sugar & Processed Foods – Sugary foods and processed foods can be very high in calories, but they don’t contain much nutrition. This means that they tend to leave you feeling unsatisfied when you finish eating them. Instead, opt for natural whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean meats. These foods have better nutritional value than their sugary counterparts. They can give you essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that your digestive system needs.

6. Use Healthy Fats In Cooking And Snacking – Unhealthy fats such as trans fats, hydrogenated oils and saturated fats found in junk food may contribute to obesity. Instead, use healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado or coconut oil when cooking and snacking instead. Using these types of fats can help reduce your cholesterol levels and therefore, might improve your heart health.

7. Stick To A Regular Meal Schedule – It’s important to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular basis, at least 3 times a day. Skipping meals during the day can lead to bingeing later in the evening, which may result in overeating at night and an increased chance of gaining unwanted pounds.

8. Keep Yourself Motivated By Setting Goals – If you want to lose weight, you must set goals. Set realistic ones that you know that you can achieve. You should aim for losing 1 pound per week at most. As long as you work towards your goal consistently, you’ll eventually succeed. But even if you fail, just pick yourself back up again and start fresh.

9. Get Enough Sleep – Sleeping allows the body to restore itself and gives it time to heal and repair itself. Not getting adequate sleep can really hinder your progress of shedding those extra pounds. Aim for around 8 hours of sleep every night.

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Amanda Batula lost weight by eating less and exercising more. She also changed her diet to make sure she got enough protein and calcium. Her final goal was to lose 10 pounds in two months. When it came to achieving her goal, this is what she did.

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