Jordin Sparks Weight Loss Journey 2024

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50 Pounds Off – Jordin Sparks Weight Loss: Though being a chunky girl, Jordin Sparks always loved her plus-sized shape. Indeed, she is a lover of food.

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However, her poor health motivated her to lose weight. It was the reason behind Jordin Sparks weight loss. Here is some information on how she lost weight.

Jordin Sparks Profile

Known asJordin Sparks-Thomas
Birth DateDecember 22, 1989
Birth PlacePhoenix, Arizona  the United States
SchoolSandra Day O’Connor High School Northwest Community Christian School
ParentsPhillippi Sparks and Jodi Sparks
BrotherPhillippi `P.J.’ Sparks Jr.
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandDana Isaiah
ProfessionAmerican singer and Reality Cast Member
Net worth$8 million as of 2022
Zodiac signSagittarius
Height5’10” (178 cm)

Is Jordin Sparks vegan?

Jordin Sparks, who is a multifaceted actress, singer, and also an American Idol winner, is among those who believe in mental health. This 32-year- old singer during an interview with US Weekly said that she has been able to do an Australian accent.

On watching “What The Health” it is clear that Jordin Sparks had been a vegan for nearly three years. The pandemic period made her realize what she has to do.

Specifically, to say as she is having a toddler Dana Isaiah Thomas, three years old, who brought a world of changes.

How did she lose the weight?

After the illness back in 2010, Jordin Sparks made her change to healthier habits. In fact, after losing 50 pounds weight, with the results, she walked over the red carpet.

In addition, she also has the pride of being on the covers of Shape magazines and Redbook. She had been giving continuous priority to her health. She could become lean by focusing strongly on good nutrition.

Actually, she revealed that she emphasizes health as wealth.


She started the day by drinking a gallon of water. For breakfast, she took a protein shake. In her view, whatever the kinds of food you take, ultimately what matters is how much you ate. It should be consistent as well.

Even healthy eating can end up in weight gain if you take in too much quantity. So, she practiced portion control. This is the secret behind Jordin Sparks weight loss diet.

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She evaluated what she eats and why she was eating. She believed that cutting out food is not the complete answer to the right diet. With a simple breakfast of protein shakes, she took 1/4 cup of mixed nuts.

However, she had a heavy lunch. She ate two lunches a day. This helped her to bang out any hunger or cravings. Rather than taking three big meals, she preferred smaller meals often. So, she didn’t feel starving.

Exercise Routine

Right after Broadway, Sparks fell sick. After that, she made a resolution that she never thinks of health as granted and started to give a closer look at her daily routines including doing exercises.

Instead of just saying it in words, she gets her involved in doing exercises. She hired a personal trainer so that her workout requirements will be fulfilled. Although she couldn’t make pull-ups and sit-ups, she just moved to other things that best suited her.

In her tweets, she revealed about exercise regimen which included hot yoga as well. Some of the other things that followed her to lose weight are P90X Low Down, aqua fit, and running.

She did a range of exercises under the supervision of her personal trainer. These exercises are great things for building the muscles in her body.

After a period of 2 years of workouts, Jordin Spark became empowered to do bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, and more.

Such exercises are included in her daily exercise plan as 12 reps. She was also a lover of Zumba and indulged in outdoor activities such as going hiking in the mountains.

Jordin Sparks weight loss – look at her before and after

Jordin Sparks Weight Loss before and after photos

The former plus-sized singer could become an inspiration with 50 pounds off from her weight. She could gather tons of attention from her fans and followers.

Jordin Sparks weight loss journey has become a complete success due to her hard and consistent efforts. She would say that her healthy consciousness came after she became ill.

Now, after the weight loss, she started to feel that she remains in the prime of her life.

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