Kyle Richards Weight Loss Journey 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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Shared Here About Kyle Richards Weight Loss: It no longer remains a secret about Kyle Richards weight loss. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about what behinds behind her weight loss. And it is certainly not due to Ozempic drugs.

So, what has really gone in her weight loss? Let us find it here.

Biography of Kyle Richards

Full nameKyle Richards Umansky
Nick nameDoogie
Birth DateJanuary 11, 1969
Birth PlaceHollywood, Los Angeles, California United States
Favorite FoodLasagna
ParentsKenneth Edwin Richards and Kathleen Richards
BrotherGrant Richards (Paternal Older Half-Brother)
SisterKathy Hilton, Kim Richards, Diane, Kenneth Jr.
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandMauricio Umansky (m. 1996),  Guraish Aldjufrie (m. 1988–1992)
ProfessionActress, TV Personality, Socialite, Memoirist and Philanthropist
Net worth$100 million
Zodiac signCapricorn
Height5′ 2″

Know Why Kyle Richards was Hospitalized

  • After Kyle found herself in a scary situation when she accidentally walked into a beehive. She was stung many times.
  • She rushed into the hospital where she initially faced troubles in getting help.
  • Her family was not at home and even the people working for her were unable to hear that she scrambled for help.
  • In fact, she was allergic to bees. And Kyle was terrific of them.
  • The reality star shared a post from the hospital bed and she has added footage of the scary moment she encountered, the bees chasing her.
  • Fortunately, nothing became worse, and all was good with her.
  • The local fire department rescued her and she posted thanks to the guys who saved her.

Kyle Richards Weight Loss – Secrets of Diet and Workout

After putting an end to the talks that Ozempic has been used to lose weight, finally the secrets inside Kyle Richards weight loss are revealed. Kyle shared with her fans about the diet and workout plan that has helped her in slimming down.

While she was in Europe for around three weeks and in Australia for a week, she ended up gaining weight. However, she changed her eating habits when she was in Europe for a week.

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Richard had a secret weapon in her weight loss regime. She was drinking celery juice every day. She told her fans that she didn’t follow the keto diet. But she typically added protein, fruit, vegetables, and carbs once in a while.

She loved to have vegetables and fruits all the time and she was fond of eating cereals. Though she planned to cut out the intake of carbs, sugar, and alcohol for a while, she continued to follow that as she felt good results with that.

However, she has not totally gone away from her favorites. She took birthday cake or some pasta, but hardly any.

Fitness Program of Kyle

Speaking about her fitness program, she used to try out new things in the gym. She did Peloton, which is a very long, extensive ab routine. She generally does light weights, however, she has increased the weights that she lifts. Based on the weather conditions, she used to run either outside or inside the house. She worked out hard and she also did yoga.

She much loved the great outdoors and she was always interested to go from Rodeo Drive to the dirt trails. Her yoga practices were the core factor behind her flexibility training. In an interview with E! News, Kyle said that the two major forms of her exercising are indoor cycling and hiking. Indeed, indoor cycling is an excellent method for reducing major calories. 

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Kyle was accused of using Ozempic for her weight loss. That’s a diabetes-turned-weight-loss medicine. However, Kyle denied the accusation.

In fact, it was the trend where a number of celebrities were receiving the same accusation due to the fastest-growing diet trend. She said that she has never used Ozempic and neither has she had plastic surgery.

Although she admitted that she had a breast reduction, still she said that she didn’t undergo any other artificial reasons which have contributed to her perfect figure.

Before and After the Weight Loss of Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards weight loss before and after pictures

The reality TV personality Kyle gathered the attention that she had become almost unrecognizable when she shared photos related to her weight loss in 2022. She could constantly maintain her commitment and after her denial of the use of the drug Ozempic for weight loss, she revealed all the secrets.

How Much Does Kyle Richards Weigh?

The popular American actress, reality star, and social media starlet, Kyle came into the spotlight after her recurring roles in TV series and films. At the age of 54 (as of 2022), the actress is 59 kg in weight. With a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, Kyle has a stunning and attractive figure.

What injury does Kyle Richards have?

Kyle Richards, who is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, documented her recovery from a back injury on her Instagram account. She mentioned that after her back injury she ‘cannot move’. With a caption of ‘I hurt my back’, she added that she couldn’t make any movement.

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 Actually, the reality star has not yet revealed what really caused the injury. However, she posted stories on Instagram which also included wondering about her bad idea to watch a comedy during a situation of she was unable to move, yet, she giggled at “Bridesmaids” which involved starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.

What plastic surgery did Kyle have?

Besides being praised for her efforts in Real Housewives, Kyle also faced many assumptions about her weight loss. Although she made the statement that she had a breast reduction, she still said that she didn’t have any plastic surgery. She added that if she makes any cosmetic changes she will be transparent. And added that she had never done anything and ever will reveal if do.


After shutting down the rumors on Ozempic use, Kyle Richards weight loss journey became clear to all. Her denials stopped the fans from raising further questionnaires on her weight loss.

The secrets of diet and workout routine revealed by the reality star certainly will motivate many who are looking to indulge in making themselves fit and diving into a fitness program.

It is her endeavors that made her go by the option of losing a great deal of weight.

As a dietitian graduate, my role on this blog involves delving into the fascinating world of celebrity diets, weight loss strategies, and overall health insights.

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