Mark Forward weight loss Journey Revealed [2024]

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Mark Forward Weight Loss – How Much Pounds Did He Lose? Right from the release of the latest Letterkenny trailer, there were rumors that were spreading about Mark Forward weight loss. From the trailer, it is very obvious that the popular Canadian actor and comedian has undergone dramatic weight loss.

So, what really went there? Is the actor sick? Was the weight loss true? Let us check here.

Profile of Mark Forward

Known asMark Forward
Birth on17-June-1974
Birth PlaceOakville, Canada
Zodiac signGemini
Marital StatusInfo not available
WifeInfo not available
ChildrenInfo not available
Profession (source of income)Comedian
Net worthBetween $1 Million – $5 Million.

Career of Mark Forward

  • The famous actor from Oakville, Ontario, Mark Forward, is an established comedian.
  • He has the pride of being the winner of the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Stand-up Newcomer in 2005.
  • His first appearance happened at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival.
  • It is the place where Mark won the Homegrown Comic Competition
  • Following up on the Newcomer award, Mark also has been nominated for two more Canadian comedy awards. Out of that, he won in one.
  • Some of his popular appearances are:
  • Mr. D, The Rocker
  • Breakfast with Scot
  • The Sean Cullen Show
  • The Newsroom and Degrassi
  • The Jon Dore Television Show (has his part as a writer & performer)


  • Best Newcomer Canadian Comedy Award – In the year 2005
  • Home Grown Winner Just for Laughs – In the year 2006
  • Writing Canadian Comedy Award-Jon Dore Show – 2008
  • Yuk Yuk’s Funniest New Comic – Finalist
  • Phil Hartman Comedy Award – Finalist
  • Yuk Yuk’s Funniest Person with a Day Job – Finalist

Mark Forward Weight Loss Journey

While everyone awaited for the new season of Letterkenny, it was the latest look of Mark Forward that made the audience surprised. This quite known comedian has been in the industry for more than two decades.

However, the industry recognized him well when he won Canadian Comedy Award for Best Stand-Up in 2005. There were so many honors and awards succeeding this recognition.

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Though there spread many rumors about the health of the actor, there was no evidence for this. This started when the actor’s recent Letterkenny season 10 trailer was posted on YouTube. This 2-minute video obviously showed that there is sudden weight loss in the comedian.

Already he has been widely appreciated among the audience for his great acting skills. Though the true reason behind the weight loss is not revealed by the actor, still there were so many comments on his quick weight loss.

The discussion that first started on Reddit showed that people were so worried about the health of Mark Forward as the weight loss happened suddenly. They were concerned that the weight loss may be due to illness. However, Mark didn’t address these rumors or concerns.

So, it is very hard to confirm why Mark Forward’s weight loss happened. In addition, we couldn’t get any clues from his Instagram as well.

Mark Forward Weight Loss – The Dramatic Transformation

It is very habitual to notice the cute and chubby coach, who is hilarious in Letterkenny. Now he has become skinnier compared to the past with his new look.

This new appearance of a sharp jawline, cheekbones, and skinny body may look just simple. But we are sure that there has been a lot behind this transformation.

Despite the fact that the real reason was not disclosed by the comedian, there are guesses that it may have happened due to body shaming. Else, his concerns about health made him undergo weight loss.

Hence, he may hire a nutritionist and spend significant time in the gym, in order to get this skinny look.

We hope this is the healthy weight loss story as we couldn’t find any compelling reasons to do so. Playing the role of a coach in Letterkenny, the actor has grabbed a wide audience group with his attractive look and chubby cheeks.

Many people posted their comments that this weight loss is a sign of health issues, while many thought he may be fed up with his overweight and so reduced the weight.

Before and After Weight Loss

Mark Forward weight loss

The weight loss of Mark Forward is as big as the number 34 lbs. This huge figure has brought enormous changes in the look. Look at the man who has changed as an entirely new person.

Why did Coach on Letterkenny lose so much weight?

Mark Forward has been noted for the very first time in the Letterkenny season 10 trailer which was released on December 17 on YouTube.  Looking at this appearance and sudden weight loss, there are many assumptions that the actor is sick.

Since the actor has not addressed the rumor or weight loss, we couldn’t confirm the exact reason behind the weight loss journey.

Is Mark Forward married?

Mark Forward is married and he has a son. As of now, there are no records that he dating anyone else or in past relationships. Some information reveals that he is married and has a son.

What is Mark Forward’s net worth?

The established comedian’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 Million. As of 2023, there are some records that say his net worth is around $9 billion. Speaking about his source of income, he had been doing recurring roles in FX’s Cupcake & Dino: General Services – third season. Also, he had his part as a coach in Letterkenny.


Currently living in Toronto along with his family, Mark has not revealed so much information about his personal life or family. He desires to have a private personal life. Hence we couldn’t pull much information about Mark Forward weight loss.

However, we can assure you that this weight loss is as high as 34 lbs and he would have taken hard efforts to achieve this.

Since the weight loss is healthy, he might have taken some persistent healthy diet and constant workouts. Whatever may be, it is sure that his weight loss story will inspire his followers and fans to get motivated and achieve their fitness goals.

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