Whitney Thore Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Surgery, Before and After Photos

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Whitney Thore Weight Loss: Do you know what made Whitney Way Thore consider weight loss? She struggled with the trauma that ended her engagement with the ex-fiancé.

In fact, that’s the first time she thought about undergoing surgery in her life. Another major cause for Whitney Thore Weight Loss to go under the knife surgery was it could hurt her career.

Bio of Whitney Thore

NameWhitney Way Thore
Birth Date14 April 1984
Birth PlaceGreensboro in North Carolina, United States
Height1.62 m
ProfessionTelevision personality
Net Worth in 2022$2 million
CollegeAppalachian State University
SchoolWalter Hines Page Senior High School
ParentsBarbara Thore and Glenn Thore

What made Whitney weigh so heavy?

The weight gain of Whitney Way Thore is majorly from the reason for her polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is also called PCOS. She had been affected since her teenage. This made her gain weight, hair fall and irregular periods.

However, she was not diagnosed till she finished her graduation. In fact, she didn’t even hear of the term hormonal disorder.

Whitney Thore Weight loss transformation – Before and After

Whitney Thore Weight Loss before and after

Earlier Whitney Thore grabbed the attention of the world with a video that had cutting a rug. Though there are to post dancing videos, still she stood out because she was 380 lbs.

Although she was happy to dance with such weight, still she decided to lose as it was a healthy weight. Yes, now she is done.

How much was the weight of Whitney?

As we learn from a preview clip for the show, Whitney describes that she was slim and weighed around 112 pounds earlier.

But soon after she developed polycystic ovarian syndrome, she quickly gained over 200 in college.

She added that after her initial weight gain of 100 pounds she became depressed and gave up dancing. But now, she is hoping to spread body positivity.

While she almost stopped dancing after a health disorder that made to gain over 230 pounds, there was the title for her first My Big Fat Fabulous Life episode.

Whitney Thore Weight loss –Did she undergo surgery?

Whitney Thore revealed in 2020, that she had shed 70 pounds. This made fans think that she has been in preparation for weight loss surgery. Indeed it is common for bariatric patients to have advice on losing some weight before they go for surgery. 

Whitney recently shared that she weighs around 330 pounds. It is not much clear that a doctor has recommended her to lose weight in order to get bariatric surgery. Still now, she has not revealed her surgery plans.

Whitney posted a video which revealed her partnership with NoBSactive. It is a monthly workout subscription. The words that she added about the program say that NoBSactive is a diet-free workout and body-positive program.

It majorly emphasizes on the joy of movement. Also, it embraces the benefits of exercise to the mental and physical.

Some of the reports say that Whitney lost 70-lbs when the engagement between her and Chase Severino ended. It was nearly a month into the quarantine lockdowns. Thore used to remain silent when any queries rose about her weight loss. She even called out the social media followers of her and told not to be fixated on her appearance.

Even when questions arise about Weight loss of Whitney Thore, she would say that she was exhausted and annoyed with such questions. And she suggests asking some other questions. However, here we have information. The season 9 of My Big Fat Fabulous life will be back on August 17th.

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