Graham Elliot Weight Loss Journey 2024: Diet, Surgery, Before & After Photos

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Graham Elliot Weight Loss – How The ‘Masterchef’ Judge Lost 150 Pounds?

Do you know? There is a fair reason for the ‘Masterchef’ Judge Graham Elliot to miss the All-Stars baseball game on Tuesday night.

In fact, he has been involved in a major weight loss surgery, rather making his part in the winners of the challenge during that time. Result? Now you can see the incredibly slim Graham Elliot. He has acclaimed that he had an amazing transformation which resulted in a 150 pounds loss from his weight.

And he could achieve this after he had undergone a 9 months of a sleeve gastrectomy which was held at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Though the surgery has the stepping stone in the Graham Elliot Weight Loss, what are the other things that had happened during the transformation? We will see here.

Graham Elliot

Know about the bio of Graham Elliot

Real NameGraham Elliot Bowles
Birth Date04-Jan-77
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington  United States
ProfessionAmerican chef
Net worth$2 million
Zodiac signCapricorn
Height1.87 m
UniversityJohnson & Wales University in Rhode Island ( completed culinary arts)
Michelin starsReceived 2
SpouseAllie Elliot
ChildrenMylo Elliot Conrad Elliot Jedediah Lindsay Elliot,

Did Graham undergo gastric bypass surgery?

Yes, the Master Chef judge recently underwent sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Although he was not truly interested in undergoing this surgery, still it is his profession that made him make the choice of sleeve gastrectomy.

In fact, he has been suffering with weight loss for a longer period of time. However, he was not able to lose weight. When his weight scale tipped 400 pounds, he started facing high blood pressure issues.

Moreover, his family had a history of heart attacks and strokes. So, the chef decided to have a sleeve gastrectomy. With this surgery, he had 80 % of his stomach removed.

If you look at his words about weight loss, he had said that he had battled with weight loss issues all his life. However, he finally lost weight. Indeed, the surgery for weight loss is the decision that he took for better health.

Graham Elliot Weight Loss – Compare his images before and after weight loss

Graham Elliot Weight Loss

After undergoing the surgery and losing the 100 plus dramatic weight loss, the celebrity chef posted his new look in July on twitter. We bring that new look here which will let you know about the significant weight loss story of the chef.

Graham Elliot Weight Loss – Some of the changes in his lifestyle

Before he underwent surgery, he was testing numerous diet plans and many personal trainers. However, his efforts didn’t pay off. Then he had a consultation with Vivek Prachand who is an expert in invasive abdominal surgery.

There were so many rounds and discussions and finally the surgery took place in July 2013.

This is the first step in his weight loss transformation. Besides this, he has made changes such as resisting fatty foods in his diet. Instead, he had chosen foods that would give him energy. Furthermore, he also added workout plans and used to run 5 miles every day.

These changes of food and diet helped the chef to bring down his weight from 396 pounds to 268 pounds.  And the surgery allowed reaching the total 150 pounds weight loss.

This 150 pounds weight loss has been achieved in less than a year. He was having unhealthy food habits and also faced sleep apnea.

In addition, he is also occupied with health issues such as blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

While he had an interview with the Mail Online, Graham Elliot told his audience that now his perspective over the food is just like the fuel. Now he focuses more on taking protein foods. Also, he prefers to eat food items that are natural and with minimal fuss.

When you look at the diet of Graham, there were so many changes. This includes embracing lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Chicken and fish along with salad or vegetables majorly contributed his dinner recipes. Fruits, cottage cheese or apple slices remained as the snacks of the chef.

So, along with the surgery and the diet, now he accomplished the 150 pounds weight loss. All his weight loss magic happened in less than a year.

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