Tami Roman Weight Loss Journey 2024 : Diet, Surgery, Diabetes, Before & After Photos

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Tami Roman Weight Loss Journey: If you are not familiar with Tami Roman, here is a quick introduction about her. She is a widely popular American television personality, businesswoman, model, and actress. This most famed ‘The Basketball Wives’ made a bold statement and made the headlines with her amazing weight loss journey.

In fact, she could fire back the body shamers who trolled her for the weight. She did that through her Instagram that was powerful enough to fight against the negative backlashes on her weight.

So, what has happened with Tami Roman weight loss?  Indeed, her fans and followers were so anxious to know about that. Let us see the facts here.

Biography of Tami Roman

Real NameTamisha Akbar
Birth DateApril 17, 1970
Birth PlaceMount Vernon  United States
Food habitVegetarian
Net worth$800 thousand(approx) as of 2019
Zodiac signAries
Height5 feet 9 inches
Mother nameNadine Buford
UniversityHoward University
EthnicityMulti-ethnic (African-American, Puerto-Rican)
Husband’s NameReggie Youngblood ( Married- 2018)
Ex-SpouseKenny Anderson (26 Aug 1994 – 15 Feb 2001)
Children2 Daughters Lyric Chanel Anderson Jazz Anderson

Tami Roman weight loss diabetes – Why did her mouth wired?

Tami Roman Weight Loss (1)

The popular reality show ‘Basketball Wives’ actress Tami Roman tipped the scales for a weight of 185 pounds. In fact, her incredible weight loss journey was motivated and she decided to take control over her weight after she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2014.

Although there were numerous fans and followers who observed her weight loss, some of them have assumed that her weight loss was due to her diabetes health issue.

As she has been diagnosed with diabetes, she made a determination of losing some pounds of her weight and she took pills for that. The pills that she had taken helped her to shed 7 pounds in just a week.

And she continued taking the pills till she could lose 30 pounds.

In her recent episode of ‘The real’ she opened about the struggles that she faced with her eating disorder and sufferings of type2 diabetes. She also revealed another issue of body dysmorphic disorder which she has been suffering from 13 years old.

In fact, her remarks about the struggles she faced went on viral. Still no one really knows about what really happened to her.

See the Basketball Wives star images after losing the weight

Tami Roman weight loss journey

Have a look at the rocking new physique of the star after losing the weight. It could throw a lot of backslash for the comments on her weight loss on social media.

Tami roman diet plan – the secret of Tami Roman weight loss

If you look into the great shape of the actress and the secrets behind her looking better than ever, it is NV Clinical. She had accepted that she had taken NV Clinical supplements every day.

In addition, she used to add Sprinkles on everything that she ate. Such consumption of Sprinkles helped Tami to have control on appetite, helped her to suppress it and aided in staying from meals. 

She has opened the secrets and made the statement that NC clinical has been the fastest weight loss product that she had ever tried. Along with the pills, it was also the diet changes that helped her to get the perfect shape.

Tami Roman could gradually lose 30 pounds. It was actually the result of a mix of supplements as well as with the changes in her diet plan.

Now the popular television actor is recognized as the face of the company and she is starring in numerous ads for promoting the product.

Tami workout

There are other healthy changes that impacted on her weight loss journey. This includes workout sessions. She has shared that she had started exercising and she never looked back.

Her fitness journey started with 10 minutes of workout. Later she extended that to 15, 20, and soon it became 30 minutes. We came to know from Instagram Post that she made changes in her diet, focused on healthy food choices and hired a trainer for workout and all these helped her to lose the weight.

Tami Roman strongly stuck with her efforts and the results paid off her great efforts. We have to appreciate her journey of weight loss which prioritized her health.

Certainly, she could address the haters in this hard journey.

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