Ben Napier Weight Loss 2024 : Diet, Workout, Before & After Photos

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Ben Napier Weight Loss: The host of Home Town on HGTV, Ben Napier, when returned for its third season, fans noticed a major difference. He has dropped 55 pounds of his weight and all of it happened with the great news of becoming a new father.

In fact, he has been regarded as ‘Big’ among his friends and family. With his height of 6′ 6”, the star often seems suitable for the role of a football player. Although he has been involved in regular exercising, he became very serious about his health in 2018.

So, what has happened to Ben Napier weight loss? What things led to the noticeable changes with the star?

Biography of Ben Napier

Full nameBen Napier
Birth Date24th September 1983
Birth PlaceMississippi, United States.
School/collegeThe University of Mississippi
ParentsBennie Napier and Das Napier
BrothersTom, Sam, and Jesse Napier.
Marital StatusMarried
WifeErin Napier
Children nameHelen Napier(daughter)
ProfessionTelevision personality
Net worthEstimated to have $5 million
Zodiac signLibra
Weight128 kilograms (280lbs)
Height6 feet 6 inches

How much weight did he loses on Home Town?

When Ben Napier had his daughter born in the year 2018, everything changed. He seems to be settled in a new life where he became the new parent along with his wife Erin. With the height measurements of 6 feet and 6 inches, the star is ’Big’ to his co-star and wife Erin.

Ben Napier

In the earlier sessions of the show, the audience used to refer to the star as ‘largely build’. However, the star revamped his lifestyle, made changes to his diet and lifestyle, and finally ended up losing 55 pounds of his weight. He revealed that he has undergone a weight loss transformation for his family.

Ben Napier Net Worth

As per the records of 2020, the net worth of Ben Napier is estimated to be around $5 million. This includes the wealth of his wife Erin Napier too.

Ben Napier and Erin Napier are popular reality television personalities. They are best known for their leading roles in the HGTV series Home Town. In their early twenties, both used to earn money in several odd jobs.

Both have their own skills, where Ben has woodwork experience and building experience, whereas Erin is an expert at graphic design. There are no records on the exact salary the couple received for the series. Besides the earnings from the show, the couple also has their money from the business.

Ben Napier weight loss – Pictures of the star before and after

Ben Napier Weight Loss before and after photo

All the things changed for the better when the star became a father. See his dramatic weight loss pictures.

Revealed Ben Napier weight loss

Ben Napier mentioned that this is his daughter Helen who made him become healthier. The host of ‘Home Town’ Ben Napier’s weight has been discussed in the new book termed Make Something Good Today.

His father and paternal father had undergone open heart surgeries. The star has a family history of heart problems which is also a major reason that made the man lose weight. There were fluctuations in Ben’s weight in individual episodes. This also has been discussed in the book.

Right from his weight loss journey in 2018, Ben lost more than 90 pounds. Of course, it was the result of his genuine efforts toward diet and workout plans. Ben cut out the calories and carbohydrates from his daily intake.

In addition, he was also involved in the workout combination of cardio and weight training. Erin says that Ben used to wake up early at 4.30 and play basketball daily morning.

In fact, his exercise regimen had started some eight years ago and he was already filled with a passion for healthy living.

Ben tried to make him stay under consuming 30 grams of carbohydrates. He has been well understood that any cheating in his diet will pay off in the gaining of weight. So, he was conscious about adhering to the diet schedules.

Since he often gets busy with his schedule of filming, he changed his workout routine to morning 4.30 am. He worked with a couple of guys who were very strict on fitness. He loved practicing basketball and used to run through drills.

Ben wished to be there for his daughter for every milestone of her and this made him undergo the weight loss transformation. Now he is completely healthy and has reduced 55 pounds from his weight.

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